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13 K-Drama Fans Share Their Most Embarrassing Moments

'Nilamon ng sistema.'
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There are a thousand #feels that Pinoy K-drama fans share, and one of them is finding themselves in situations that are quite embarrassing. Everyone’s had their fair share of stares from strangers while commuting, various reactions from siblings and parents, and so many ugly-cry moments. They owe it all to the characters they’ve gotten obsessed in the series they just Can’t. Stop. Watching. 

Can you relate to these K-drama fans who shared their stories and also describe yourself with the term, "nilamon ng sistema?" LOL! 

The customer who paid waaay more than expected

“Last year, I was so obsessed with Descendants of the Sun that I ordered two bracelets similar to what Song Joong Ki wore on the show—all the way from South Korea. Weeks passed, and the package was about to be shipped to our doorstep. Since I was in the office, I asked my mom if she could receive it on my behalf. I distinctly remember telling her that she didn’t have to pay the delivery guy a single peso because I paid for international shipping. A few hours later, I get a call from my mom, asking why the delivery guy is charging her around two thousand pesos. Apparently, my order was taxed sooo much—almost triple of the total cost of the bracelets. Lesson learned: Just don’t bother with online shopping—either go to Korea yourself or find out if a friend is going and have her buy for you.” —MM, one K-drama series per month

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The MRT seatmate who got bitin

“A girl sat beside me on the MRT. It was a bit tight, so she was partially seated on the edge. She settled in anyway, and then proceeded to take out her phone to watch something. As I glanced over, I thought I saw something familiar. I looked longer than I should, waiting for that moment of recognition. And then the scene changed and Rain showed up. It was Full House.

By this time, I was already engrossed with the show as well, reading the subtitles, although I was trying to be lowkey about it. A few stops later, just as Rain was having this intense conversation with Song Hye-Kyo, the girl with the smartphone suddenly stood up, leaving me surprised and so bitin, I almost grabbed her shirt to sit her back down. I’m not quite sure if she noticed, but the ladies seated across from me did see the whole thing and gave me that stare.” —Mabie, K-drama binger 

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The excited tourist 

“I recently went to Korea for the first time for work. When we got to Myeong-dong, I couldn't stop smiling—grinning like a crazy girl, actually—knowing that I'm walking on the exact street where Seohyun and Yonghwa had one of their moments together during their stint on We Got Married. I was sooo happy about being there that people were giving me strange looks, as if I was doing something wrong or that I was too happy to be in a very busy place.” —Ayessa, one K-drama series in one weekend

The girl who needed divine intervention

“I watched each Goblin episode on the day they got subbed, and one Saturday, I just so happened to watch it in UST. It was the finale, and I was going to die if I stopped myself from ugly-crying. The people there definitely stared at me. There was a group of priests that passed by, and one of them approached me asking if I was okay. I said I was, laughed a little, and admitted I was just watching something sad. But I wasn't okay (who would be okay with those heart-wrenching scenes?)” —Ginyn, two to three K-drama episodes per night 

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The girl who couldn’t stop ~*feeling*~

Hindi siya public humiliation pero every time I recall it, it feels like public humiliation. It was 7 a.m. nung natapos ko last episode of Scarlet Heart Ryeo. I couldn’t stop crying that time! Pinaulit-ulit ko ending para ma-dehydrate na mata ko pero wala pa din effect. Tapos, dinaan ko sa tulog. Pagkagising ko, damn, tinamaan ako, na-recall ko 'yung last episode at naiyak na talaga ako. Pumunta ako ng banyo para maligo ng malamig na malamig na tubig at pagkabukas ko ng shower, umiyak ako under it—'yung tipong napa-sandal ako sa pader tapos slowly dumudulas pababa habang nakahawak sa handle ng shower. Mga 30 minutes tumagal 'yun, pero pagkalabas ko, naiyak pa din ako sa kama. Tinanong nila ako, ‘Anyare?!’ Ayun, pinagtawanan ako ng buong barangay. Kahiya 'di ba?! Hanggang sa, ayun, one month akong ganun. Salamat nga pala sa Scarlet Heart #*&^%^*#%&%”—Angela, five to 10 K-drama episodes per day

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The jeepney unni

“As a K-drama and K-pop fan overall, lagi kong nasasabi 'pag nagbabayad ako sa jeep, ‘Oppa, bayad.’” —Anj (the girl behind the witty Facebook page, Annyeong Oppa), five K-drama episodes per day

The passenger who screamed

“I ride a UV express going home. It has become a habit to watch a K-drama the entire duration of the trip—from lining up and waiting for the van to enduring the heavy traffic. I probably finish one to two episodes on my way home. So I was watching Bring It On Ghost on my phone. I am not really a fan of horror stuff 'cause I get startled easily. And that’s where the embarrassing moment comes in. I forgot which episode it was, but it was a really scary scene where a ghost grabbed Kim So Hyun’s hand. I was startled and said, ‘Omo!’ out loud. I got the attention of all the passengers in the van. One passenger asked me if I was okay.” —Sai, can finish an entire K-drama in a day on weekends 

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The single AF fangirl 

“It took me days to finally convince myself to watch the last two episodes of Scarlet Heart Ryeo. I already had a feeling it was gonna be depressing because its Chinese version had a tragic ending. I prepared for it emotionally and mentally (I know it's kind of OA, but it's true! I invested so much time and emotion in this K-drama). In the middle of watching the final episode alone in my room, I cried a river! It tore my heart into tiny pieces as she uttered the words, ‘He will not come.’ Then my mom suddenly entered the room and saw me like that. She worriedly asked me what's wrong. I didn't answer and just pointed at the laptop screen. She then laughed as she told me, ‘Akala ko may BF ka na sa wakas, eh.’ Now that's mean.” —Irish, five to six K-drama episodes per week

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The accidental BBQ-stealer

Nanunuod ako ng Cinderella and Four Knights 'nun and nakaramdam ako ng gutom kaya nagpunta ako sa ihaw-ihaw. Nanunuod pa rin ako kahit andun na 'ko sa ihawan. So, while tutok ako sa eksena at kumakain ako, with matching kain ng barbecue, may babaeng lumapit sa'kin sabay sabi n’ya, ‘Ate, akin 'yung kinain mo at 'yung hawak mo ngayon." It turns out na maling barbecue pala ang nakain ko.” —Janey, two to three K-drama episodes a day (plus one to two variety show episodes a day) 

The grandma who can’t get over “chairman” 

Si Nanay [who’s in her 60s] is a BIG K-drama fan. Noong nasa hotel kami one time, lahat ng Koreanong senior na tinuturo niya sa'kin si chairman daw—'yung chairman sa Doctors. Meron kaming nakasabay sa elevator, siniko ako ni Nanay. Si Chairman daw kasabay namin sa elevator. May kasamang dalawa pa 'yung Korean, sabi ni Nanay, may meeting raw. LOL! Ginawan na ng kwento! Eds, whose retired mom watches K-dramas all day at home 

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The girl who got her boss worried 

“One day, sa office, I was watching Cinderella and Four Knights. Hindi ko mapigilang umiyak, and I couldn't stop crying dahil sobrang sad 'yung scene. Akala ng boss ko umiiyak ako dahil sa weekly report ko.” —Vhernie, finished watching Cinderella and Four Knights in one sitting

The girl who just kept watching

“Before leaving the office one night, I loaded the latest episode of Legend of the Blue Sea. I was on my way to the gym, and I usually take the train and get off at Ortigas Station. I was really into it. As I exited Ortigas Station, there was this scene where Lee Min-Ho recovered his memories. I got so kilig and excited, I was reacting loudly na. The next thing I know, I fell down the stairs and a stranger was already helping me get up. Everything happened so fast, and the thing is, I was still holding my phone watching the drama when I fell. I felt the pain na lang later on when I was walking papunta sa gym. Masakit pala. May pasa ako sa knees, and my right arm hurt. KALOKA!” —Mari, three to four K-drama episodes per week

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The Pinay who was TOTALLY NOT watching porn

“Two weeks ago. I was heading to PUP to pass a financial report. I forgot my bluetooth earphones, so I used my old earphones. I was re-watching episodes of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. If you know Park Bo Young, playing the role of Do Bong Soon, you’ll know the sound of her voice. Sometimes, it sounds like a moan, especially when she is doing her pa-cute laugh or when she acts clueless. So I was watching, feel na feel ko pa, nilakasan ko pa volume. Then, ‘di ko alam na sira pala 'yung earphones kohabang may naririnig sa earphones, may naririnig din sa speakers ng phone. Then comes this moaning-like sound of Do Bong Soon.

I paused when the girl beside me tapped my shoulder. I asked her why, and she asked me to minimize the volume. Sabi ko, naka-earphones naman ako, and sabi nya, sira daw yata earphones ko. So I tried it, and sira nga. Nag-sorry ako and nagulat ako nung nag-sorry din siya. Tinanong ko siya kung bakit, sabi niya akala niya porn 'yung pinapanuod ko kasi parang may umuungol daw. Pati din daw 'yung nasa harap namin parang naba-bother. Huhu! Kasalanan talaga 'to nung earphones, which, btw, tinapon ko na.” —Celine, five to eight K-drama episodes per day

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What’s your most embarrassing K-drama fan moment?

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