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What It's Like To Be A K-Pop Fan Club Admin Feat. BTOB Philippines

We all know that there are official K-Pop fan clubs in the Philippines, but have you ever wondered what they actually do and how they work? We got to talk to Lei, the head fan club admin of BTOB Philippines, and she shared some interesting insider tips!

BTOB Philippines is an affiliate of Melody Global, the organization of all BTOB fan clubs across the globe. They consist of more than 30 staff members, with 10 core head admins that handle specific teams in the club. BTOB PH's activities include digital support for BTOB's promotional activities and birthday projects.

Being a fangirl is one thing, but being a part of an official fan club is another. Aside from cheering on their faves, BTOB PH also collaborates with different organizations and charities to help out.  In an exclusive interview with Cosmopolitan Philippines, Lei from BTOB PH shares more about the fan club admin life, and how the K-pop idols make their hard work and efforts worth it. 

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