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We're *Still* Obsessed With These Kachupoy Cuties Of The '90s

Remember when they made you ~*feel*~ things?
PHOTO: Facebook/Random Photos Official

"GQ," "Keempee," "Kachupoy"If you're a ~*true*~ kid of the '90s (a.k.a the best decade ever), just hearing these words will give you a huge dose of nostalgia. Every boy you knew and most likely crushed on had the same hairstyle: some sort of bowl cut with a part right down the middle.

'90s Hollywood heartthrobs Devon Sawa, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Nick Carter, and Leonardo DiCaprio started this hair craze (I'm totally making this up but it seems legit, right?) and it soon crossed over to Philippine shores, kicking off the sexual awakening of teen girls everywhere. I'm looking at you, Patrick Garcia. *winks*

Here are all local teen kingsin all their kachupoy cutenesswhose hearts we wished we had:

Patrick Garcia aka everyone's first crush.

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Dino Guevarra, the only boy who made braces look cute.

Rico Yanjust because (We KNOW this isn't a kachupoy style, but whatevs!).

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Onemig Bondoc whose name still makes me LOL: O-NE-MIG!

Eric Fructuoso and Danilo Barrios who are the true embodiment of "kilay is life!"

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And Carlo Aquino, who rocked that bandana like there was no tomorrow. 

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For more cuties of the '90s, see the photos below:

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