'Yung pamba-bash sa akin, sanay na po ako diyan,” said Kakai, who admits she is unaffected by the criticisms. "Lahat na ng panlalait, nasasabi na. Okay lang 'yun. Basta ako, masaya ako. So, hayaan na lang po natin sila."

The "Dental Diva" also clarified that she and Alden are just friends. “Friends lang kami ni Beybi. Bakit, masama bang tumawag ng Beybi? Ano ‘to?! Hindi ko naman inaangkin, ah!" Kakai added with a laugh.


She also shared how happy she is to get to spend time with Alden again because of their movie. The two used to just occasionally see each other at events in Laguna, where they are both from.

We're glad Kakai doesn't let all the bashing get to her! We're loving her fun-loving spirit.