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Karel Marquez Addresses Issues About BMW Wedding Gift To Her Hubby

Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on December 6, 2016!
PHOTO: Instagram/iamkarelmarquez

1 In a lengthy Facebook post, newlywed Karel Marquez addressed issues about her pricey wedding gift to her husband Sean Fariñas. The gift in question is a BMW 5-Series sedan that retails for P4 million. Karel clarifies that although her gesture may be grand, the gift, which was pre-owned by a family friend, was bought through hard work and paid off by Karel in six months.

“Why would people dictate what we should do when we all can do what we want as long as we worked hard for it, and as long as wala tayong inaaway o tinatapakang tao. We all have different opinions. Different life choices.

It was the most I could afford today and spare, so it is not a brand new one. It took me six months to earn this and always had to set aside a monthly budget in the middle of paying for our groceries, food, my children's tuition fees, and the list goes on. It was a sacrifice.”

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