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Kat Alano Slams Senator De Lima For Allegedly Ignoring Her Plea In 2015

'I stood for my rights and you took no notice.'
PHOTO: Instagram/katalano

Earlier this month, Senator Leila de Lima spoke against misogyny at a Commission on Human Rights forum and "Women's Life, Dignity, and Democracy" forum at Miriam College. She cited her own experience in dealing with what she called anti-women tactics used against her by her alleged political foes.


Former VJ and model Kat Alano pointed out, however, that De Lima didn't help her with her own ordeal. It may be recalled that Alano revealed that she had been raped by a "public figure" who also faced various complaints from other victims.

In an October 16 Facebook post addressing De Lima, Alano pointed out, "Do not use Filipino women as protection against your own wrongdoings. When I contacted you and beseeched you as a woman and a Filipino to stand up for rape victims everywhere, you turned a blind eye. And now you want the women of the Philippines to stand behind you?"

She added, "I stood for my rights and you took no notice."

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Alano then provided links to articles featuring her January 2015 open letter to De Lima.

Below is Alano's open letter to De Lima.

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As of 3 p.m. on Friday, October 28, De Lima has not yet responded to Alano's tirade against her.