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Kathryn Bernardo On People Asking Couples When They'll Have Kids: 'Respect the decision na iba-iba yung couple'

She also doesn't want kids immediately after getting married.
kathryn bernardo and daniel padilla
PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/bernardokath

ICYMI, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla are celebrating their ninth anniversary today! The two may already have plans for their *beach wedding*, but when it comes to future children, Kathryn says she wants them to enjoy their time as a couple first.

In a new vlog on her YouTube channel, Kathryn told her guest Robi Domingo that the first thing she'll do with Daniel once they get married is get their own place. "Kasi feeling ko once you're married and you are starting a family na, or yung partnership na 'yon on a deeper level, I think you need your space. It's gonna take time talaga."

Kathryn Bernardo on future plans with Daniel Padilla 

She adds: "Ayoko rin na mag-anak agad, sinabi ko sa kanyaKasi gusto ko enjoy muna namin. Hindi kami naka-travel ngayon, so 'yon yung gagawin. And then once I'm ready, once we're ready, no pressure naman na mag-baby agad after." 


"Actually sometimes 'yon yung nailang ako sa mga tao...'di ba ngayon, parang tinatanong parati once kasal na yung mga showbiz couples, especially: 'Kailan kayo mag-aanak?' But for me, you respect the decision na iba-iba yung couple, kanya-kanyang time 'yan. We're taking it day by day, kung ano man yung mangyayari."

In an October 2020 interview, Daniel shared that he wants to get married to Kathryn before he turns 30 years old. One of the couple's most recent acting projects is the music video for Ben&Ben's hit "Sa Susunod Na Habangbuhay." Their comedy series The House Arrest Of Us also hit Netflix in 2021. 

You can watch Kath's full vlog below (they talk about Kath and DJ's future plans at the 19:50 mark!): 


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