Katy Perry Was Humiliated By The Orlando + Selena Snaps

Who wouldn't be?
PHOTO: Instagram/katyperry

Katy Perry reportedly doesn’t think Orlando Bloom cheated with Selena Gomez, but she was still left embarrassed by flirtatious pictures of the pair.

The “Roar” singer, 31, has been dating British actor Orlando since February, and things have moved quickly for the couple. Aside from vacationing together and openly being affectionate, it’s been rumored they’ve even swapped house keys.

But things got complicated when 39-year-old Orlando was recently spotted looking cozy with Selena, 23, during a trip to a Las Vegas night club.

“They left separately, but there is definitely a flirtation there,” a source divulged to Britain’s Grazia magazine. “Despite vehement denials, it’s widely believed that they’ve hooked up in the past. Katy believes that Orlando didn’t cheat, but found it humiliating that everyone has seen her boyfriend in such a compromising position.”

The photos in question show Selena leaning in close to Orlando and the pair hugging at an after party for one of Selena’s concerts.

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The pair was previously linked in 2014, after Selena had split from on-off boyfriend Justin Bieber, who had also been linked to Orlando’s ex-wife Miranda Kerr.

Katy has had her fair share of bad boy exes, included an ill-fated marriage to Russell Brand and a long-term romance with ladies man John Mayer.

“Katy was particularly stung because Orlando was supposed to be the antithesis of her ex, John Mayer, who is one of Hollywood’s biggest players,” the insider said. “This thing with Selena isn’t a deal-breaker, but it’s definitely a setback. What doesn’t help is that Selena is best friends with Taylor Swift, who publicly calls herself Katy’s 'Straight-up enemy.'"

Katy has publicly stuck by Orlando, and the two were recently seen looking happy in Cannes aboard a yacht. 

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