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KC Concepcion On Gabby Concepcion's Birthday: 'I missed you for so many years but I love you more now'

KC wrote the sweetest birthday greeting for her dad Gabby Concepcion.

KC Concepcion penned the most heartfelt birthday greeting for her dad Gabby Concepcion, who turned 57 on November 5.

On Instagram, KC posted a photo of Gabby, along with her half-sister Samantha Concepcion. KC described her dad as "the first guy who stole my heart." She thanked Gabby for always being there for her: "Thank you for always spending time with me/us, for checking up on me, and picking up the phone when I call even if it's 2:00 a.m.!"

She added, "I value and cherish every second we spend together, every conversation, every bonding moment, every new adventure, and every new story you have to tell."

KC's post was all about taking note of the effort in keeping their relationship as father and daughter super close. She wrote, "Thank you for not only making up for all the lost time but for making the effort to keep our bond close, too. Thank you for respecting me as a grown woman, and as an adultthis is so precious to me."

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KC, who is Gabby's daughter with actress Sharon Cuneta, noted that he still makes her feel like she's his "baby girl." She wrote, "I missed you for so many years, but I love you more now and I still and forever will love you so so so much. Past is past, and what matters the most is TODAY and TOMORROW! I love every second! Happy birthday, Papa!"

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In April, KC spent her birthday with Gabby and his family. It's evident in KC's past posts that she enjoys a super healthy relationship with Samantha, as she would often post photos with her. In one post, KC wrote, "We're really ridiculously good at getting along."

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During this trip, KC posted a photo with Gabby and how she was "grateful to the universe for keeping our love alive." She wrote, "So much time lost, but so much, regained."