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Kean + Chynna Released A Deeply Personal 'Save The Date' Video

With original music and lyrics by The Cips!
PHOTO: Youtube/NicePrintChannel

Amidst all the swooping romantic prenup videos that fill our feeds, leave it to Kean Cipriano and Chynna Ortaleza to break tradition. The couple, who got married in a civil ceremony in 2015, are prepping for their church wedding and recently released an incredibly unique and personal pre-wedding film, in the form of a save the date/music video.

Both being artists, they went for the most obvious choice for their wedding aesthetic: arthence their wedding hashtag #TilDeathWeDoArt.

With original music and lyrics by The Cips, Kean and Chynna performed their song "Walk on Water" in the video. Writing on Instagram, Chynna shared why they chose their good friend Jewels Sison to direct:

"Kean and I were dead sure that she would totally get our vision and, in fact, she even enriched it with her own ideas. Something that comes easily to a natural born storyteller like her. She put in seven Easter eggs in the video that are essential parts of our love story! And if you believe in synchronicity it's absolutely wonderful because that is the date of our anniversary."

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In a blog post, Jewels went on to elaborate the seven Easter eggs she included for the couple: their first conversation in the show where they met (GMA News TV's Wagas), Chynna's first birthday gift to Kean (a book on John Lennon), and the inspiration behind the song (their daughter Stellar), among others. The video was created to be one virtual diary of the couple's relationship.

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