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Kim Chiu Isn't Sure About Gerald Anderson Becoming A Better Boyfriend In The Future

Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on October 26, 2015!

1 Gerald Anderson says he wishes to be a better boyfriend to his future partners. And to this his former girl Kim Chiu shrugs and says, "Nasa tao naman iyan, eh. Kung gusto niya, magagawa niya. Kung ayaw niya...hindi ko alam. Basta nasa tao naman iyan. Kung gusto niya to change or not." Does she sound bitter? Well, he did cheat on her(PEP)

2 The AlDub hashtag breaks another record for most number of tweets! On October 24, #AlDubEBTamangPanahon got more than 39.5 million tweets, surpassing the 35.6 million tweets of the #WorldCup match between Germany and Brazil last year (#BRAvsGER). For those who don't know, "Tamang Panahon" was the concert of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza on Saturday at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan. (PEP)

3 Speaking of the AlDub concert, netizens are freaking out about Maine Mendoza's Francis Libiran gown, which she wore during the concert on October 24. Fans thought it was "recycled," and didn't like the fact that it was worn by Kim Chiu for a fashion show two years ago. The actress quickly responded with "No hate please? A gown is just a gown." Francis also added, "The gown has not been worn at any other event by any other celebrity." Kim wore the gown in 2013 for Francis' fashion show, as his model. (PEP)

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4 Kim Kardashian flew a few of her fans, some from Hong Kong and South Africa, to Los Angeles for her birthday brunch! They got to take photos and hear the reality TV star talk about her pregnancy boobs. We're sure they all had fun, because Kim had so many tweets about it!

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5 Beyoncé's first boyfriend reveals what it was like to be with her! The guy, Lyndall Locke, and the Queen B dated when she was just 12 and he was 14. They were introduced by former Destiny's Child member Kelly Rowland, and they hit it off right away. But Beyoncé didn't have so much time for him because she was so busy pursuing her dreams of becoming a star. He does say though that she has a big heart for forgiving him SEVERAL TIMES for having cheated on her a lot. Yeah, at 14?! (Cosmopolitan