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Kim Chiu Remembers Her Late Mom In An Emotional Mother’s Day Post

Kim said to take lots of photos with your mom, hug her tight, and tell her you love her.

Kim Chiu took to Instagram as she posted an emotional Mother’s Day entry for her late mom on May 12.

“Seeing most of the posts today made me [a little] jealous, I’m trying to look for photos of me and my mom and these I found,” Kim started.

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Kim shared that these are the only photos she has with her mom as they didn’t own a camera at the time. She said, “My mama is camera shy, we only get our photos from the cameraman sa mga events na may sticker ka to claim it, but she seldom joins the picture.”

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The Kapamilya actress lamented, “Technology [is far different], just one click on your phone [and] you can have as [many] photos as you want. Memories to look back [to] again and again. Wish we had this technology 20 years ago.”

“Happy mother’s day to all the mothers out there. Take lots of photos with your mom, hug her tight, tell her you love her, always say thank you and appreciate everything she has done for you before [it’s] too late. We can’t hold on to something, forever,” Kim said.

While her mom is no longer here, Kim said she is blessed to have an ate and mom rolled into one with her older sister, Lakambini Chiu.

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Kim added, “We have an “ate/mom” who stands by us and accepts the responsibility of being a mother to all my siblings! We are lucky to have you, achi. Thank you for loving us, being proud of each and everyone of us. Always being there kahit wala ka ng time for yourself. You are so selfless, thank you for giving your time to us especially to me!!! You are the real champion! I love you so much.”

Kim’s mother, Louella Chiu-Yap, passed away in June 2013 due to an aneurysm. Kim had been estranged from her mom since she was nine years old, and together with her siblings, grew up under the care of their paternal grandmother.