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WATCH: Kim Chiu And Xian Lim Explore Kim’s Favorite City In China

The actress posts part two of the KimXi adventure series on her vlog.

Sharing more of her holiday vacation in China with Xian Lim, Kim Chiu shares part two of the KimXi adventure series in a new vlog episode. This time, she focuses on their trip to her favorite city in China, Harbin, the capital of Heilongjiang province. “Found this place online and ta-da, a gem [of a] vacation place in the backyard of Asia!”

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Kim and Xian tried the famous ice slides, took a tour of the city, and paid a thousand bucks to hold the fluffiest, snow-white doggos (aww!). So sweet how they relied on each other throughout the trip as they took care of their own luggage and used Google Translate and “charades” to deal with the language barrier. And when the freezing cold really, really bothered them? That’s when all their goofy dancing came in handy.

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