Kim Kardashian Seems To Have Blocked The Snake Emoji On Instagram

Sssuspicious timing.
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Basically anyone who follows pop culture knows the following two things: That last year, Kim Kardashian forever made it so that people would associate the snake emoji with Taylor Swift:

And that Taylor Swift recently revealed a set of snake imagery in the run-up for the release for her first single off of sixth album Reputation:

Tay's move to reclaim the snake emoji is a savvy one, and while Kim might've been the one to link the two forever, she's now the one receiving a slew of snake emojis in return. But while you can see a gathering of serpents in her Twitter mentions... can't see the same happening on any of her Instagram posts; just take a peek into the comments on her latest gram:

BuzzFeed decided to investigate why Kim's Instagram was snake-free, and the conclusion: She'd actually blocked the snake emoji, using the same feature Instagram tested on Taylor's account back when this whole mess first bubbled over.

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It looks like in this case, the snake is eating its own tail, as this whole Taylor Swift/Kim Kardashian feud comes full circle.

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