Fans Are Calling Out Kim Kardashian For 'Photoshopping' Her Booty In These New KKW Beauty Promo Shots

But, like, who cares?
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Kim Kardashian is not one to shy away from the Photoshop (at least, that's what some of her fans think). Last night, she posted a pic that her followers quickly took issue with.

In the new shots for her KKW Beauty Flashing Lights collection, people were quick to point out in the comments that her butt looks smaller than usual, apparently.

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One user wrote, "Why does her butt look smaller," and another tagged a friend and said, "look how small her butt is and how long her thigh is." One blatantly accused her of altering the photo, saying "Photoshop lolll."

Now, I'm not one to study the butt of Kim Kardashian, but apparently these people are? It's totally possible it's just a weird angle, or she's been hitting the gym a little differently these days. Either way, all asses are good asses, am I right?

Kim recently talked about her self-(booty)love issues. On an episode of KUWTK, Kourtney made fun of her for how big it looks when she sits, and when Kris called her out, Kourtney said that it's okay to make fun of Kim because she "loves" her butt. Kim quickly replied, “No I don’t! I cry about it on the daily.”

She's talked about this in the past, too. After she had her second child Saint West in 2015, she said she'd gotten insecure about her curves. “I love curves, but I don’t love my butt and my hips being so big,” she said. “I totally have insecurities.”

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Long story short, leave Kim alone, people!

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