Kim Kardashian Looks Just Like Chicago In Snapchat's Baby Face Filter

2019 is wild.
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You know Snapchat's weird-yet-addictive new filter that turns you into a cute-yet-creepy baby? Of course you do, in fact I'm gonna assume your entire camera roll is just selfies of you as a baby and like, cool, 'cause same. We get the 2019 Snapchat filter we deserve, etc!

Anyway, reality star and aspiring lawyer Kim Kardashian just tried out Snapchat's baby filter with her sister Kourtney Kardashian, and she ended up looking exactly like her daughter Chicago.'s truly wild. Also, Kourtney ended up looking exactly like Kim's other daughter North, which is kinda weird?

For starters, here's a photo of Chicago so we can all remember what she looks like (not that you would ever forget this cute face, duh):

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And here's Kim as a tiny baby looking a lot like her:

Which honestly makes sense given that they're, ya know, related.

Meanwhile, here's a semi-recent picture of Kim's oldest daughter North West....

And here's Auntie Kourtney looking just like her thanks to the baby filter:

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Good, weird times. Also, apparently Kim got bored and then whatever this is happened...and I honestly have no words:

Also, loving the fact that Kim blatantly uses Snapchat's filters and then uploads them to Instagram Stories without giving one single f*ck.


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