Here's The Story Behind KJ Apa's Sexy Face Scar

The boy who lived (in Riverdale).
PHOTO: Getty Images

Good morning! This is Riverdale star KJ Apa:

And here are a few quick facts about him:

A) His jaw rivals that of Gaston from Beauty and the Beast.

B) His hair isn't naturally red.

And C) He has a mysterious scar in between his eyebrows, which you can see pretty well here:

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So, what's the deal? Is KJ Apa secretly Harry Potter, the boy who lived? Did he get mauled by a dog like fellow heartthrob Noah Centineo? Did he get this thing from thinking about Marmite too hard, as Cole Sprouse suggested when he hacked KJ's twitter?

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The answer is none of the above. A deep dive into KJ's social history reveals that he got the scar from a trampoline accident:

Not exactly the most adventurous or badass scar story, so I'm going to go ahead and pretend he was attacked by a wizard named Voldemort, bye.

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