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Korean Boy Band Super Junior Turns Up The Heat In Manila

Korea's biggest boy band took the Philippines by storm last Saturday and Cosmo got to sit down with the boys of SuJu for a chat.

(With reports from Regina Belmonte)

Korean pop super group Super Junior hit Manila shores last week to perform an explosive three-hour show on the biggest, most incredible stage set up in Araneta Coliseum (and Philippine!) history. Filipino fans have been waiting a long time for the Korean cuties to do a show in the Philippines, so PULP Live Productions flew SuJu in to make that dream come true.

Super Junior performed over 30 songs during the Super Show 2, and everyone who was in the Big Dome that night was in for a real treat, because the 10 boys were up to all kinds of super nakakakilig antics. A few of the SuJu guys sat next to some of the girls in the nearest rows, some of them took girls' cameras and then took lots of photos of the other SuJu members for the camera's owner, and all of them wore the gifts being thrown onstage. (Some would pick up towels or shirts, use them, and then throw them back into the screaming crowd.) All that, on top of an electrifying performance!

Check out the interview from the Super Junior press conference below, and click the "view gallery" button to see more photos.

Now that you are here, how do you feel about the Philippines?
We're very excited to be here in the Philippines. We've always wanted to come here and it's our first time to hold a show [in this country], which is [happening] a few hours later on. So we're very excited and happy to be here.

It's the first time that a K-pop group came here to the Philippines to do a full-length concert. Are there any parts of your concert that you would really like your Filipino fans to watch for?
We hear that we are having a concert in a big dome, thus we're very much excited about it. The full show is pretty much filled with eye-catching surprises so we cannot specify one moment. However, we have one stage—a very special stage—wherein we dress up as girls from another girl band from the same entertainment company—they’re called F(X). We're kinda going to mimic this girl band so please watch for that surprise.

Well, it will be the last stop of Super Junior's Super Show 2, so how do you feel about ending this tour?
We have toured nine cities, for a total of 15 shows. Having them closing up on the Philippines is very remarkable on our part so we're very much excited about that. We're looking forward to the Super Show 3, and hopefully on the Super Show 3 we can come back to the Philippines to do another show.

Aside from being a member of Super Junior, are there any other things that you would want to try, like, maybe acting?
Actually, all of our members are very much active in acting, hosting, and also musicals. So please watch further for performances in various fields in the industry that we are active in.

What made you want to be part of Super Junior?
It was my dream since as a child to become a singer and through the help and support of people I was able to achieve my dream.

Do you visit any fan forums and check their messages about you?
Actually we visit them everyday and there's a fan club here in the Philippines, E.L.F. Because they knew that we were having a concert, they uploaded a lot of news about it so they were very much up-to-date.
The real reason why we've always wanted to come to the Philippines is because there were a lot of fans who came to visit us in Korea to see our radio shows or musicals to show us support. So knowing that there's a lot of fans across the Philippines, we wanted to come here.

So far what's the best and most unforgettable thing that a fan did for Super Junior?
We're very much aware that we are known and loved here in the Philippines because a lot of people have actually uploaded videos, like on YouTube, dancing "Sorry Sorry," so seeing those clips from the Philippines, we were very much aware that we [have fans] here in the Philippines.

What's the one thing that you always do before performing? Do you have any rituals?
We always pray to God before going onstage.

Heechul, how does it feel to be back in a radio show?
It's been four years since I went back to radio. I'm very much excited, my heart is jumping, and I'm very much welcome to [doing a] radio show.

Donghae, it seems that you are most popular here in the Philippines, do you have anything to say to your Filipino fans?
First of all, I was very shocked to realize that I am the most popular member. Being the most popular means I am also gaining popularity and fame for Super Junior as a group, and I wish I can make a TV drama show here in the Philippines if possible. Please be excited and please watch for our fourth album. As much as you love us, we will try to do our best not to disappoint any of our fans in any of our music. Thank you so much for all your support and warmth in welcoming us. It's our first time, and we hope [you'll] enjoy the show.

Do you guys still get stage fright?
It's been five years since we've [started performing onstage]. However, despite the years, we're still very much frightened and scared when we go up the stage. [But] when we see the fans, we get very excited and so the stage fright goes away.

What's in your fourth album?
It's coming out soon. We cannot tell you exactly when but as much as you have loved the song "Sorry Sorry" on our third album, we'll try to meet or exceed the expectation or performance for the next album, so hopefully you can still love us more [when we release] our upcoming album.
It should be here soon.

What do you think of Siwon being the lead actor in a drama? Do you watch his show?
Yes, we do watch the show of Siwon, and his acting is actually improving per scene. His role in the TV drama is as an artist and he has a kissing scene with one of the leading actresses, so all the members are very much jealous and they [went] "ooohhh" when they saw the kissing scene of Siwon.

Do you have any last message to all your Filipino fans and the Philippines?
Despite [this being] our first visit to the Philippines, thank you so much for your love and your attention. We're very much thankful and happy to do our last Asian Super Show 2 tour here in the Philippines, so give us continuous support and love for our upcoming music. As much as you have loved us, we'll try to show you the best of Super Junior in the future.

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