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Korina Sanchez And Mar Roxas, Now Doting Parents To Twins

Their bundles of joy have arrived.
PHOTO: Instagram/Korina

Korina Sanchez just revealed in her Instagram that she and her husband, senatorial candidate Mar Roxasare now parents to twins—a boy and a girl. Korina shared a photo of the twins’ feet, and posted: “I think if you believe hard enough, the miracle you most want can come true.” We couldn’t agree more.

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The couple had always been vocal about wanting to have their own kids. When previously pressed about the matter, they’d always say they were “trying very hard.” Today, it seems like their prayers have been answered, and the couple welcomed a pair of babies into their lives today.

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Giddy from her first-time-mom high, Korina joked on her caption: “We're thinking of names. Any suggestions? Jack and Jill? Sonny and Cher? MariKor and KoriMar? Daniel and Kathryn?” Whatever names they do come up with for their new bundles of joy, we’re sure they’ll be perfectly loved, perfectly adored little kids. The couple have been readying to welcome these twins for a while now, but they revealed bits and pieces about their plans through vague statements in interviews and a more recent revelatory post on Korina’s IG while she was shopping for baby stuff:

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The couple reveal that the twins were “born by surrogacy from our embryos.” Surrogacy is the process of childbirth through a surrogate mother or the arranging of such a birth. A simplistic explanation would be that another woman or a surrogate bears a child on behalf of another woman. This is done either with the surrogate’s own egg fertilized by the other woman's partner or through the implantation of a fertilized embryo (usually from a frozen egg of the mother hopeful) in the surrogate’s uterus.

In their statement about the babies, the couple shares more details: “The little boy arrived first at five pounds four ounces and one and a half hours later, his fraternal twin sister arrived at four pounds 12 ounces. They are both perfectly healthy.” That last bit is the most important fact of all.

Korina is 54, while Mar is 61, so it’s both a surprising but also welcome decision to have kids at their age—even after a previous marriage for Mar and after rich careers for the both of them. But, having kids is something that the couple really wanted and fervently prayed for. “Did you ever think it could still happen for me? I never stopped believing,” Korina says in her caption. Her belief, it seems, has certainly been joyfully fruitful.

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Congratulations to the first-time mom and the proud parents!

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