Check Out Kris Aquino's Expensive Travel Bags

They can go into the millions!
PHOTO: Instagram/krisaquino

Since she left television in 2016, Kris Aquino has done a great deal of traveling with her sons Josh and Bimby.

One of her most recent vacations was in February when she flew to Beverly Hills to celebrate her 47th birthday.

Kris posted a photo on Instagram with their many Louis Vuitton travel bags.

Kris brought a three-piece rolling luggage, three backpacks, two briefcases, and one laptop bag, not to mention a toiletry bag and an iPhone folio or casewhich all bore the iconic monogram prints.

From what gathered, Kris bought most of these LV bags late in 2017 in Hong Kong.

Checking out the prices of her 11-piece branded travel bags and accessories on the French brand's website, the initial total is roughly HK $150,800 plus HK $4,900 for the toiletry bag and HK $2,700 for the iPhone X folio.

Hence, the grand total is HK $187,600 or P1,250,078.

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When Kris travels solo, she brings a Keepall and a backpack. The two items cost HK $30,500 or P203,237.

Part of her check-in baggage are three pouches, which roughly cost HK $13,950 or P92,956.

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*Note that the sizes of her LV items were estimated.

Prior to this, her preferred brand for luggage and bags was Prada.

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