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Kris Aquino Has Been Diagnosed With More Autoimmune Diseases

She currently weighs around 85 pounds.
Ballsy Aquino confirms Kris Aquino has been diagnosed with more autoimmune diseases
PHOTO: Instagram/krisaquino

It looks like Kris Aquino's battle with sickness continues to become even more challenging.

In a Zoom interview featured on August 20 on the Facebook page of the New Zealand-based community service organization Banyuhay Aotetearoa, Ballsy Aquino provided an update on the current condition of her sister, Kris.

According to Ballsy, while Kris' doctors continue to try to give her the appropriate treatment, these haven't been working as she has so many food, plant, and medicine-related allergies.

Ballsy added that there was a time when Kris almost gave up. Thankfully, her sons Joshua and Bimby inspire her to remain strong. Ballsy also confirmed that a new team of doctors has been helping Kris as she had been diagnosed with more autoimmune diseases. Kris currently weighs 85 to 86 pounds and has to gain weight for other treatments they'd like to try.

In a statement in June, Kris said she hoped to be treated in the US for Eosinophilic Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis (EGPA), also known as Churg-Strauss Syndrome. According to the Mayo Clinic, EGPA is a disorder wherein blood vessels are inflamed, potentially limiting blood flow to organs and tissues and permanently damaging these.


"Because when she left [the Philippines], she had two autoimmune diseases," Ballsy noted. "I think now there are four. With all the tests that they do in the US, tests that we don’t have here, maraming naglalabasan pa rin, e. Pero hopefully, she’ll get better." 


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