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Kris Aquino Is Still ~*Sassy*~ As Ever, And We’re Here For It

In classic ‘Queen of All Media’ fashion.
kris aquino savage response
PHOTO: Instagram/iamkrisaquino

If there’s anyone who could speak her mind with all the sassiness in the world and leave everyone amused, it’s definitely Kris Aquino. In true “Queen of All Media” fashion, the actress-TV host proved that she’s still the same old honest Kris everyone loves, despite going low-key because of her challenging medical condition.

On Instagram, Kris gave an update to her followers about her health, particularly her battle with autoimmune diseases.

“Thank you for your continued PRAYERS. I don’t have my complete blood panel results yet But gumanda my inflammatory numbers in particular my C-reactive protein and my E-sedimentation rate. Hopefully in the next few days I’ll have my IgE, IgG, IgM and ANA results. (As usual, please google?) Wag na natin discuss my CBC, as always I’m still very anemic (it’s been a problem even before my autoimmune conditions were diagnosed)…

She happily shared positive developments, which hopefully will result in her coming back home to the Philippines soon. “I don’t know what good I did but I know I’m surviving all the side effects of methotrexate and my biological injectable because God is listening to all your prayers for my healing. #faith


“Praying more that in 18 to 20 months I’ll reach remission and after 6 months I’ll have my doctors’ clearances and we can go home. I miss my sisters, my cousins, my PH doctors, my close friends, and of course all of you… It’s already been 16 months.

Further, Kris also shared that they’ve already settled in a rental home that has “a long wished-for vibe," one with a pool in the back and an unobstructed view of the blue sea.

She added, “P.S. My sisters urged me to make my current status very CLEAR. I AM NOT IN A RELATIONSHIP, we no longer communicate, and my sons and i feel more PEACEFUL. No details because i value my privacy and respect his, and i chose to only give the FACTS that should be addressed. Again, THANK YOU for your compassion to keep me & my family in your thoughts and prayers.”

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In the comments section, love and support for Kris poured in, including well-wishes from Noel Ferrer. In true Kris fashion, she offered a ~sassy~ yet nice reply that sounded too familiar. “You’ve never really liked me but kindness is much appreciated.”

Kris aquino

The comment amused fans, who couldn’t help but miss the old Kris and ask her about a showbiz comeback once her health deems her okay. To which she had a meaningful response: “I would love to but I’ve changed so much, and experienced life’s pain and sorrow. I’m now a different me with other missions in my mind.”

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Get well soon, Kris!

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