This Throwback Video Of Kris + Sharon Is EVERYTHING

Those hairstyles though!
PHOTO: Youtube/nicerangel

Today in We Can’t Believe This Acually Happened news, we stumbled upon this old video featuring a 16-year-old Kris Aquino—the YouTube video said it was shown in 1987—singing (we’re not kidding!) and chatting with the Megastar Sharon Cuneta in the Sharon Cuneta Show.

After Kris serenaded the crowd with “Love Me Like The First Time” (we did our research, okay!) she sat down with Sharon, who asked her about her budding ~*movie career*~. Asked if she’s always wanted to get into movies, Kris said: “Since siguro I was three or four years old. The time of Niño Mulach, I wanted to do something like that!”

Sharon also asked Kris what kind of role she’d like to pursue in movies. She answered: “That’s really hard! I can only do one movie, that’s the deal with my mom!” Guess we all know that deal was broken, LOL.

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Watch the glorious video here:


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