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Oh No! Kris Bernal Was Scammed And Fell Victim To *23* Fake Delivery Bookings

'I can sue you. Harapin mo ako, maawa ka sa mga tao.'
PHOTO: Instagram/krisbernal

*July 5 Update*

Grab Philippines has released a statement on the matter, saying that they are working with Kris and their delivery-rider partners to get to the bottom of the incident. The full statement reads: 

"It has been brought to our attention that someone has recently used our platform to place multiple orders—causing undue stress to Ms. Kris Bernal and our driver-partners.

Grab has a zero-tolerance policy on fraudulent activities. Upon learning of this incident, we have immediately conducted our investigation and we have blocked the mobile phone IMEI of the fraudster to avoid similar incidents from happening in the future. We are also working closely with Ms. Kris Bernal on the matter, and we have reimbursed our delivery-partners who have fallen prey to this fraudster.

Grab Philippines will continue to extend its cooperation with the local authorities in their investigation."


If there's something we're extra grateful for these days, especially with the pandemic, it's the availability of delivery services. Whether for food, medicine, or just about anything, delivery services make our lives super easier, having reliable riders who transport our items, rain or shine.


On July 3, Saturday, Kris Bernal fell victim to not just one, but *23* fake bookings. The actress took to Instagram to share the ordeal that she went through the whole day (including the riders', huhu), appealing to Grab to help her on the matter.

"FAKE GRAB BOOKING: As of 8:02 p.m., a total of 23 GRAB FOOD DELIVERIES all from the same name, JEN JEN MANALO - 09510652215. Sadly, the amount of deliveries is no joke. Please help me report to @grabfoodph @grab_ph. Kawawa po ang mga riders, umuulan pa. Please help!" Kris wrote. 

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In several other posts, Kris shared how the deliveries were all addressed to her house, and all for cash on delivery payment at that. And not just food deliveries—in the evening, there were even vans arriving outside her house to do pick-ups. To make matters worse for the riders, it was raining almost the entire day.

The riders attested that it was the same woman, a certain "Jenjen Manalo," who made the fake bookings. Kris filmed the riders talking to the woman via speakerphone. The woman would keep claiming that Kris told her via chat to place the orders. At times, she would say her full name was either "Jenjen Manalo," "Jenny Santerya," or "Kian Vargas."

Kris' mom, who was busy attending to the riders, personally spoke to the caller to express her anger and frustration. "Ano nakukuha mo sa panloloko? Hindi ka naawa sa mga Grab, na pinaglololoko mo? Ilan ang inorderan mo ngayon?"


Here's a snippet of the woman's phone call with the 10th rider:

The caller: "Kuya, ganito. Maniwala ka. Pakisabi kay Kris Bernal, tingnan niya Messenger niya, binasa ko lahat sa kanya ngayon lang."

The rider: "Grabe ka naman, ma'am, kawawa mga rider dito."

The caller: "Kuya, 'di ako nagloloko, kuya. May umorder lang din sa akin tapos inorder ko sila at dalhin daw sa bahay ni Kris Bernal. Bakit?"

The rider: "Ba't ino-order mo ma'am, 'di mo naman pala kilala, ma'am, e."

The caller: "E sinabi niya sa 'kin…Si Kris Bernal talaga ang nag-order."


Kris speculates the woman booking the orders might be someone she actually knows and has worked with. In a recent post, Kris shared a recorded phone call between a food business and someone claiming to be her personal assistant (PA). The voice of the scammer, according to Kris, sounds the same as that of the lady who placed the 23 fake bookings but using a different number.

"She pretended to be my assistant and asked to receive the products for free from a small business I promoted. To all the small businesses whom I promoted, continually promote, and will promote someday, please be informed that I DO NOT SUPPORT ANY OF THESE BOGUS BUYERS. Please do a cross-checking and don't allow them if they pretend to be my assistant and ask for free goods. I'll never ask someone to order for me. I'll order and buy it personally. It's the same voice, same names used, but a different number09756107881."


Kris gave an update on the morning of July 4 to thank those who helped get the attention of Grab and to warn her fellow actors about the person posing as her PA.

"Apparently, she has done this to a lot of celebrities already. To my fellow artists, when you need to provide your address, try your best to provide a different address, name, and contact number."


"I feel really bad for all the riders. And [for] my mom who's already a senior and did everything she can to help me."


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