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WATCH: Kris Bernal Pens An Open Letter To Her Real-Life Leading Man Perry Choi

'Everything about him makes me fall deeply and madly in love.'

Ahead of their wedding, Kris Bernal went all out in making a video for her now-husband Perry Choi. The couple tied the knot in an intimate ceremony on September 25 following many cancellations due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Uploaded on YouTube on September 24, the actress called it an "open letter" for her future husband. The video includes footage from the couple's beautiful rustic-themed prenup shoot


Kris began, "My leading man. I've always lived under the limelight, living the dream. Happy? Yes. But alone."

She detailed that she's always dreamed of having someone to cook for, share her food with, drink with, while just being her true, genuine self. Kris said, "Like my favorite rom-coms and all the teleseryes I starred in, the leading man came along. Unexpectedly, but also, like in the movies, falling in love with him was imminent."

Kris said in the open letter that she has always "imagined walking side-by-side" with Perry and to "be with him every single day." The actress also said that her husband is the reason for her endless smiles. She added, "Being with him makes me feel like living in a real romantic comedy world."

Kris said that being with Perry keeps her alive and said, "Everything about him makes me fall deeply and madly in love."

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Ending her open letter, she shared, "Dear future husband, thank you for being my real-life leading man. My main man. See you on our season finale. Love, your leading lady."

In a previous Instagram post, Kris said that #PerryTaleNiKris began when Perry started supplying raw materials for Kris' now-defunct burger joint business called "Meat Kris."


She said, "He helped me put up the business which is far beyond just being my supplier. It felt like I found a business partner. Then, he supported me by being there throughout my business journey."

Kris added, "Who would've thought: That from a supplier to becoming my business partner—and now my life partner!"

Watch Kris' open letter to Perry here:

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