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Krissy Villongco Tells Her Sister Ericka: 'I hated all of your exes'

OMG! Ericka used to date James Reid.
PHOTO: YouTube/Ericka Renee

Sisters almost always share the strongest of bonds, and it's clear just how close Krissy Villongco and Ericka Villongco are.

ICYDK, the siblings used to sing together as the music duo Krissy & Ericka. They also happen to be cousins with actress-singer Cris Villongco

And, fun fact: Ericka used to date James Reid. They were together for three years until they broke up in March 2014. These days, Krissy and Ericka are based in the U.S., with Krissy continuing her music career and Ericka now a social media influencer.


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In one of Ericka's recent vlogs, the sisters answered fan-submitted questions, like, what if they borrowed each other's clothes, what they do that makes the other cringe, or if they've ever liked the same boys.

When asked what the other sister's worst habit is, Ericka said Krissy is "really horrible at picking boyfriends."

Another question read, "Which of your sister’s [exes] is low-key your fave?"

Krissy: "Oh, it’s about to go down! His name is [bleep]." 

Ericka: "I’m gonna shoot you!"

Krissy: "No, that’s a lie. I hated all of your exes."

Ericka: "Really?"

Krissy: "I’m just gonna leave it at that."

Ericka: "No, we’re gonna continue."

Krissy: "I’m just kidding. Alright. That’s a lie actually. He’s not my favorite. But—"

Ericka: "How about [bleep]?"

Krissy: "Eww! Honestly, I think it was your first boyfriend. He was the one that I definitely got along with the most.”


Ericka: "That’s what I was thinking, too. He made you laugh, like, all the time.”

Krissy: "Really made me laugh all the time and y'all were chill and we were just, like, hanging out. [Bleep], he was cool, too, I guess. Whatever.”

Ericka: "He was cool as?"

Krissy: "He was cool as a friend and I told you several times, ‘He’s ugly, break up with him.’ And you were like, ‘No, I love him.’ And then, like, years later, you’re like, why didn’t you tell me he was ugly?’ I’m like, I told you several times.”

Ericka: “Okay, so my favorite [of Krissy's exes], obviously, I would pick the first one even if I—I’m not gonna say I didn’t like him. He was nice but they both could’ve treated you better. You know what I mean?”

Krissy: “Did you hear that? My sister said you could’ve treated me better."


Ericka: “Oh my God! She’s so mad!”

In the video, Ericka also asks her sister about her fiance, Ross Sauve.

Ericka: “What was your first impression of Ross?”

Krissy: “I thought he was very nice and he’s still very nice. He’s like super-duper chill and like he’ll give Ericka whatever she wants. What’s the term? Yung Tagalog? ‘Ander.’


Ericka: “She really just said that on the internet.”

Ericka and Ross got engaged in March 2019. In an IG Story, she revealed at that time that their plan was to get married in the Philippines.

Watch Ericka's video here: