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Kristine Hermosa: "I Still Want To Get Married"

Kristine Hermosa reveals a stronger, more mature persona two years after her last encounter with Cosmo.
kristinehermosa.jpgHow does life go on after a rumored annulment for a young star? For actress Kristine Hermosa, it just does—minus the excessive showbiz drama.

The 25-year-old mestiza has certainly been busy over the past few months, as she resumed having a regular presence on television with ABS-CBN's Nasaan Ka Maruja? mini-series and the upcoming TV drama Dahil May Isang Ikaw.

On the relationship front, however, Kristine is determined to relax and go with the flow. "No rush," she tells us, as she waits for the stylist to finish doing her hair for Cosmo's June cover shoot. "It's great to be in a relationship that's spontaneous and steady lang—kung saan kami dalhin ng ihip ng hangin."

Spontaneous and breezy are probably the same words we could use to describe Cosmo's latest encounter with Kristine, over two years after she posed for our cover in 2006. From her easy smiles and bubbly chatter, one can indeed say that this Cosmo chick is fearless twice over.[nextpage]
kristinehermosa2.jpgWhat kept you busy while you were out of the limelight?
I went out of the country with family, friends. In-anticipate ko na rin kasi na pagbalik ko, wala na akong time for myself.
[But] I wasn't really gone. I still had work, hindi lang ganun ka-hectic. I went to the gym every other day, I boxed. I tried ice skating—things I really enjoyed. I tried to find something I could invest in. I had fun with my vacation.

Do you plan on going back to school for your masters?

I really plan to, but right now I can't force myself [to do so], especially with my tight schedule. Baka mamaya madagdagan lang 'yung pressure. I don't want to pressure myself; I just want to focus on work. In the future, definitely.

Do you plan to pursue any dream roles, now that you're back?
I don't have a specific dream role, actually. I just want roles that could inspire people, where they could learn lessons. Gusto kong magpasaya ng tao, ayaw kong magpaiyak. Gusto kong napapagaan ko [ang] bawat araw nila.

How about hosting?
Oh, yes, hosting is something I can always do and I still do from time to time, hindi siya mawawala. Napapasayaw pa ko minsan kahit hindi ko masyadong linya (laughs). I also plan to do action films—gusto ko 'yung iba naman. I can say Maruja is different because of its horror-suspense plot, iba sa lahat nang nagawa ko. Siguro for the next projects, iba ulit.

Is Oyo (Boy Sotto) a factor in your "moving on" phase?
Ay hindi. Si Oyo naman kasi, ever since he's been a good friend. Hindi siya 'yung, dahil nalulungkot lang ako, noong dumating siya OK na 'ko. He's been a friend back when I was already broken; he was there to support and console me.

What's the best thing about being in a relationship now?
No pressure, no obligations. We're just being ourselves. We just help each other, naghihilaan kami pataas. We tell each other about things we learn. It's a wonderful relationship minus labels.

Do you still see yourself getting married?
Oh yes. For a time ang hirap sabihin—all my life, pangarap ko talagang magkaroon ng family—pero noong time na nangyari sa akin 'yung greatest heartbreak, I told myself, I’m not ready. I don't know if I'll be ready to get married, be in a serious relationship again. So na-discourage ako for a while. Pero napaisip din ako: that situation shouldn’t stop me from pursuing things I really like, from my heart’s desire. I tried to believe in it again, I went back to what I was before the heartbreak. Happy naman ako na nakabalik ako doon. I still want to get married and raise my own family.

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