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OMG, Kryz Uy Is Pregnant With Baby Number 2!

Baby Scottie is going to be a kuya!
Kryz Uy and Skater Young are pregnant with baby number 2
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) YouTube/kryzzzie, Instagram/kryzzzie

“Wait, I can’t believe it! No way.”

It’s official. Kryz Uy and Slater Young are on their way to having baby number 2! Today, Kryz shared their family's latest milestone in her vlog.

In the super candid video, Kryz looked mega-surprised when she saw the result of her pregnancy test. “I did not expect this result at all. I’m very, very, very happy, but at the same time, like completely shookt. And scared, to be honest, because it’s still pandemic. Like I had two kids during a pandemic, so I can't tell the difference, like how easy it could've been otherwise.”

Kryz elaborated on telling that there were a lot of times she filmed herself taking pregnancy tests, only to scrap the clips as the result always comes negative. This time, she was completely taken aback. She gushes, “This is so crazy, number two?!”

Slater Young, Kryz Uy, Scottie
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Kryz then took a Polaroid photo of herself and surprised husband Slater and son Scottie with the good news. “I kinda knew na!” Slater said, proceeding to hug Kryz in celebration of the new chapter.

Aww. Congratulations, Sky fam!


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