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LOOK: Kryz Uy And Slater Young Are Enjoying An African Safari Getaway

Here's a look at some of Kryz and Slater's awesome African safari photos!

Kryz Uy and her husband Slater Young are currently in Africa as they take in all the sights and wildlife of the Maasai Mara.

On Instagram, Kryz posted a selfie as she wrote, “Honeymooners at the Maasai Mara! Can’t contain my excitement!!!!! (!!!!)”

Meanwhile, Slater said, “We just landed in the Maasai Mara and Day one of our African adventure begins today! Can’t wait to experience nature at [its] purest.”

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In another post, Kryz and Slater wore chic and color-coordinated outfits.

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Kryz shared that she had a ~glorious~ animal encounter with an African elephant. She wrote, “They came straight towards us and we were like six inches apart. My first encounter with a wild African elephant and it was GLORIOUS!”

Apart from seeing wild elephants, Kryz also got to see a lioness playing up close.

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Slater, who posted a series of photos of their first day in Maasai Mara, said that he was “simply in awe” of all the things he saw and experienced. 

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Kryz and Slater also posted what their accommodations looked like. Kryz described that they heard wildlife right outside their tent.

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Kryz shared a beautiful shot of herself and said that she was actually on her way to the “bush toilet” and it was the first time that she had to pee in open space.

In another post, Slater shared, "My biggest takeaway from our trip here is that everything is connected, every creature has a role to play, including us."

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Safe travels, Kryz and Slater!

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