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Kylie Padilla Opens Up About How She Balances Being A Mom And An Artist

“I just repeat my mantra in my head to get creative, and I include my children in all my passions.”
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A few years have passed since she played the brilliant and enchanting Amihan of Encantadia, and now Kylie Padilla is at a different stage in her life.

The actress-singer-model took the first few steps into her motherhood journey back in 2017, and recently gave birth to her second child in 2019. And while she continues to care for her boys, Alas and Axl, she also takes time to nurture her artistic side.

A self-taught artist, Kylie loves painting, sketching, and exploring different types of mediums.

A while back, she talked to Preview about her love for art. Today, her life as a visual artist continues to thrive as she sits down with Cosmopolitan Philippines to open up about creativity, motherhood, and embracing being a work-in-progress.

Discovering Her Passion

While she was never formally trained at art school, Kylie’s love for art began in her elementary years. “Art was my favorite subject,” she told us, recalling a treasured memory of hers in the first grade. “Our principal chose my work to hang in her office. That was so encouraging. It felt like I was seen and recognized.”

Kylie Padilla: “My style is very free, very feminine, sort of darkish. Celestial. Mysterious.”

Today, at 28 years old, Kylie believes that she is always growing and changing in her art. “My style is very free, very feminine, sort of darkish. Celestial. Mysterious,” she said, when we asked her to articulate her work. “Meditation and music [inspire me]. I just experience emotions and they either come out of me as poems or paintings. When that inspiration comes, I just let it out.”

However, any prolific artist like Kylie still has their fair share of struggles. “Right now, there never seems to be enough time,” she told us, sharing that being a mom of two can be very exhausting. “I just repeat my mantra in my head to get creative, and I include my children in all my passions. Hopefully, they pick it up, too.”

For Kylie, then, being a mother and being an artist doesn’t have to be two separate roles. They can co-exist and even thrive together, as long as you are well-equipped with the right tools.

On Staying Inspired

In the past year, Kylie has taken a shift from traditional painting to digital art. “I miss getting messy sometimes. [On canvas], your errors are harder to cover up,” she reflected. However, she has learned to appreciate the digital medium, especially when using her HUAWEI MatePad 11. Check out the digital art she recently made using the device below:

“The HUAWEI MatePad 11 has [helped] made my pursuit [of] art easier. I can lay in bed to work and draw,” she said, which is a plus for the busy, hardworking mom. “My kids [enjoy] the Kids Corner app and we draw together using the M-Pencil 2nd Gen,” she added, noting that the device has helped integrate her passion for art with her parenting.

“I love painting [with my kids]. I love creating with them. Some of the paintings [we’ve] painted together are now my favorites,” she expressed, though she still enjoys her alone time and accomplishing creative work on her own.

Apart from helping her with her creative projects, the HUAWEI MatePad 11 has also helped Kylie in other areas of productivity. “Aside from drawing, I [use it] as a notebook for my online classes and studies,” she said. She particularly loves its 120Hz FullView Display, which provides stunning, gorgeous visuals. “I also love how the M-Pencil 2nd Gen reacts as fast as I work because of its 2ms latency.”

“I’m learning so much in this medium and I can now bring my art with me anywhere [I go].” Thanks to the HUAWEI MatePad 11, Kylie feels that she is growing as an artist, as a mother, and even as a woman.

Finding Her Inner Strength

Overall, cultivating her passion for art has also helped Kylie feel empowered as a woman. In fact, much of her work depicts celestial, feminine deities. “I love embracing the mystique of the feminine energy and all the mystery that entails,” she said. “The woman is such a celestial being. I love exploring all kinds of women.”

Kylie Padilla: “I love embracing the mystique of the feminine energy and all the mystery that entails.”

She added: “I want women to embrace the beauty of their minds, the power of empathy, and their inner goddesses. I really do believe women are such powerful beings.”

We asked her to share a few words of wisdom for fellow creatives who are struggling to stay inspired today. “Try meditating, quieting the noise. Once you rest, find your peace,” she advised. “Do it for you, not for anyone else. If you hone your talent in your [interests], you will be the best in your uniqueness.”

Kylie has proven that you can pursue your personal goals and dreams while still enriching the lives of those you love–in her case, her children. And while all of that energy comes from her being a strong and dedicated woman, she definitely has to thank her HUAWEI MatePad 11 for being her constant companion all throughout her complex journey.

For more information on the HUAWEI MatePad 11, visit the official HUAWEI Philippines website or follow the brand on Facebook.

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