Liam Took The Most Perfect Video Of Miley Dancing At Their Wedding

My heart will (not) go on.
PHOTO: Instagram/MileyCyrus

In case you missed it due to being very focused on your presents from Santa (read: your poor, long-suffering mother), Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus got married the weekend before Christmas.

The wedding was super small and low-key, and the photos are absolutely stunning. Miley wore Vivienne Westwood! Liam wore white sneakers! It was all just too gorgeous for words!

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And while the couple are keeping plenty of details from their magical day private, Miley did hit Twitter to share a video that Liam took of her dancing to "Uptown Funk." And yes, Liam makes an appearance at the end.

Honestly, they look so in love. I'll just be here in my feelings with my significant other, this slice of old pie.

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