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LINK LOVE: Baby James Campaigns For Another Candidate; New Eclipse Stills!

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  • The Aquino clan's two-year-old darling, Baby James, must be in hot water with his mama Kris right now. The naughty little boy pulled a prank at one of his tito Noynoy’s campaign rallies, cheering "Veeyar!" ("Villar!") into the microphone in front of a thousand people in Bacolod City. Kris chalked it up to Baby James being tired after 10 events that day. "Hay naku, ang ka-naughty-han ni Bimby!" she posted on Twitter.

  • Are wedding bells in Prince William's near future? Rumor has it he's finally ready to propose to his longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton. If it's true (though Wills' residence Clarence House made comments to the contrary), the royal wedding is going to be spectacular.

  • Dying for a little more Twilight? It looks like Stephenie Meyer has no intention of releasing Midnight Sun (which is Twilight from Edward Cullen's perspective), but if you're looking for a little bloodsucking action, she's releasing a novella about one of the newborn vamps from Eclipse, called The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. You'll be able to read it for free online this June.

  • Speaking of Twilight, a few new stills from Eclipse were released recently, on top of the steamy shots from a while back. If that's still not enough Robert Pattinson for you, check out all these pictures of him dressed in period costume glory for his upcoming movie Bel Ami.

  • Lady Gaga put up a blast of tweets in support of a gay 15-year-old boy named Cole Goforth who was sent home from school for wearing a Lady Gaga t-shirt. "I love you Cole, you just be yourself. You're perfect the way God made you," tweeted the singer.
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  • It turns out gorgeous, sexy, and super funny James Franco is even more talented than people give him credit for. After graduating from UCLA with a BA in English and taking part in a prestigious MFA writing program at Columbia University, he's set his sights on a doctorate program in English lit at Yale! James Franco, PhD. Yummy. Definitely not your average actor!

  • Gretchen Barretto walked out of a press conference after being badgered by the press with questions about her alleged rift with her sister Claudine. "I don't want to answer anymore. Thank you. Nasasaktan ako. This all started out as a happy affair and then...ayoko na," said La Greta before leaving the venue.

  • "Here's how you know your country doesn’t have a lot going for it—when everything is about Manny Pacquiao. Get a [expletive deleted] life as a country," American comedian Adam Carolla said on a podcast. As if that wasn't enough, he went on to say, "They got [Pacquiao] and sex tours. That's all they have over there. Get your [expletives] together, Philippines." The blogosphere went crazy with angry reactions, but the Pacman stayed classy, humble, and gracious. He accepted Carolla's apology and asked the public to keep their cool.

  • Katy Perry says that her funny fiance Russell Brand is a total Bridezilla! She says that her hubby-to-be has a "manic obsession with wedding planning" and buys bride magazines every chance he gets. No date has been set.

  • In case you missed the news when it broke late last month, Ricky Martin has opened up about his sexuality: he's gay. It might not come as much of a surprise to many of us, but it's definitely great that Ricky's finally comfortable enough to let the world know who he is.

  • Jessica Simpson shows off her natural beauty on the cover of Marie Claire. You got that right, she's got absolutely no makeup on!

  • Ruffa Gutierrez's ex-husband, Turkish businessman Yilmaz Bektas, really has a thing for beauty queens. A Turkish newspaper reports that he was recently engaged to 2006 Miss Universe Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza, who's from Puerto Rico. They'll be getting hitched on June 21 on an island in the Mediterranean.
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