LINK LOVE: Charice Gets Botox; Lindsay Lohan Goes To Jail

Here's a quick look at the latest celebrity news!
  • Singing sensation Charice got botox—and a ton of backlash from the international community because of it. Celebrity cosmetic doctor Vicki Belo performed the procedure, saying it was to relax the muscles in her face and minimize the round cheeks she's so well known for. Charice's reps deny that it was done for cosmetic purposes, saying it was a treatment for jaw pain.

  • Beloved comedian Redford White passed away peacefully over the weekend at the age of 54. He is said to have been suffering from brain cancer.

  • Are Pia Guanio and Vic Sotto splitsville? Not over, they say. Not by a long shot. Perhaps just under repair, but it looks like whatever the problem was, they're already patching things up.

  • Everyone knows that Ruffa Gutierrez is open to new love. Has she found it in Smartmatic (yup, the folks who made the PCOS machines) president Cesar Flores? Not yet. For now, they're just friends getting to know each other.

  • Lindsay Lohan has pulled a Paris Hilton and gone to jail. The same jail, in fact! If she's lucky and behaves, just like the famous heiress, she might get released before her 90-day sentence is up.

  • Wedding bells are ringing! We don't know if they were inspired by Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem's surprise wedding earlier this month, but Pirates of the Caribbean star Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr, his supermodel girlfriend, just got hitched!

  • Tabloids beware: Don't mess with Brangelina. The famous twosome sued a British tabloid for claiming that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were over. Definitely not the case, which is why they're paying the Hollywood power couple damages. We're willing to bet they're donating the money to charity.

  • We've heard about concerts getting cut short because of injuries, but Kings of Leon (of "Use Somebody" and "Sex On Fire" fame) bailed three songs into a gig because of...pigeon poo. Apparently pigeons in the rafters of the venue were dropping bombs on the band and they just couldn't take it anymore when one of them got nailed in the face.
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