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LINK LOVE: Daniel Radcliffe Richer Than Princes; Gerald Defends Kimerald Fans; Madonna Spotted With New Guy?

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  • Daniel Radcliffe really is a wiz, not just in Harry Potter movies, but in money matters, too. According to London's Daily Mail, he is now worth $45 million, making him richer than Princes William and Harry! But this isn't just because of his box-office movies. Daniel actually managed to double his fortune last year through his "current and fixed investments." All these at the age of 21! Doesn't this inspire you to save and invest, too?

  • Gerald Anderson had an emotional breakdown last week because of death threats aimed at him, his family, and his rumored new flame Bea Alonzo. The threats came after the actor's 'breakup' with Kim Chiu. Some sources say that the threats were from die-hard Kimerald fans who didn't like Gerald getting involved with Bea. Gerald, however, defended their fans on The Buzz, saying he knows that they wouldn't have wanted to cause any harm.

  • Does Madonna have a new boylet? According to eyewitnesses, she was spotted at a club in NYC with 33-year-old choreographer Brahim Rachiki, holding hands and sneaking kisses. Madonna has neither confirmed nor denied her possibly new relationship status, though.

  • Is Justin Bieber in trouble for hitting a 12-year-old kid at a laser tag facility? Witnesses say no. Apparently, the "victim" was harassing J-Bieb, and when he was asked to stop, he called Justin a... well... let's just say he used the f-word. Later on, the kid's dad reported "assault," although Bieber's camp denies the allegations, saying that Justin didn't throw a single punch.

  • Will Paris Hilton ever say goodbye to her party-girl ways? "Yes," she will, says the heiress. She finally decided to give up the party scene and move on to "bigger and better things" like community work and charity. You go, girl!

  • Wedding bells are ringing louder than ever for Katy Perry and fiance Russel Brand, as the two are set to tie the knot this weekend, October 23, at a luxury hotel in Jaipur, India. Congratulations!

  • Here's another piece of good news: Neil Patrick Harris and his life partner David Burtka are feeling awesome right now; they just welcomed two new members into their family with the birth of their healthy twins on October 12. The How I Met Your Mother star tweeted: "Babies!! On 10/12, Gideon Scott and Harper Grace entered the Burtka-Harris fold. All of us are happy, healthy, and a little pukey." We don't know about the "pukey" part, but we bet that for this happy couple, fatherhood is going to be legen—wait for it!—dary!

  • Cosmo's October 2010 Man On Fire Tom Rodriguez isn't really torn between two networks but is glad to be working for both. His managers in ABS-CBN Star Magic apparently gave him a go-signal to join the cast of rival network TV5's newest show, My DSL: My Driver, Sweet Lover, which premieres on October 25. With such a supportive management team, it looks like Tom has a promising career ahead of him!

  • Did Lady Gaga trade her meat dress for...a meatier figure? It looks like she's packed on a few pounds, looking healthier and even more fabulous than ever! Good for her!

  • Where is Puck, really? After Mark Salling's two-week absence in the hit musical TV show Glee, we can't help but wonder if he's ever coming back. Rumors about a "breach of contract" have been circulating, but Glee insiders say they aren't true. Don't worry, folks: word has it he'll be back in episode six, and it'll be pretty much about him.
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