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LINK LOVE: TV Show Glee Rules Emmy Nominations; Angel Locsin Does Pole Dancing

All that and more in our latest roundup of entertainment news!
  • How does FHM Philippines' Sexiest Woman in the World stay, well, sexy? Through pole dancing, apparently! Angel Locsin had a pole installed in her home so that she can practice even without her instructor. She picked up her latest talent as part of her role for a movie with Aga Muhlach called Huling Sayaw.

  • The Emmy nominations are out and the cast of Glee is full of glee! The staggering 19 nominations for the hit show are no surprise, and we bet acting nominees Jane Lynch (Sue Sylvester), Matthew Morrison (Will Schuester), Chris Colfer (Kurt Hummel), and Lea Michele (Rachel Berry) are over the moon.

  • Dude looks like a lady! KC Montero is dressing in all-out drag for a week because he lost a bet he made on Twitter. He said that he would come to work dressed in drag if Justin Bieber followed him on Twitter, and hundreds of Pinoys (including many of KC's celeb friends) promoted the campaign. It worked! Angel Locsin lent him a wig, Sarah Meier-Albano lent him a dress, and Bubbles Paraiso did his makeup on his first day as "Cassandra Monteroid." Don't you love a guy with a great sense of humor?

  • Remember child star Jiro Manio? Well, he's 18 now, and as it turns out, he's also the father of a 2-year-old girl with a girlfriend four years his senior! He's kept it secret for quite a while now and it's been just part and parcel of many difficulties in his life, but he's slowly getting back on his acting feet.

  • Kris Aquino is making good on her declaration that her marriage with cager James Yap is over. A legal separation is well on its way.

  • Just when you thought his racist rants were the lowest he could stoop, audio recordings of Mel Gibson's scarily abusive conversations with his ex-girlfriend (and baby mama) Oksana Grigorieva have hit the Internet. He drops more racist slurs and expletives, and even threatens her life.

  • Remember Brad Pitt's crazy facial hair? It's all gone now! Beardless (and ever gorgeous) Brad is back! In other Jolie-Pitt family news, though, still no wedding bells for him and Angie...unless the kids want it.

  • If you're into sports (or you want some talking points with your boyfriend), sports history has just been made: the Cleveland Cavaliers' star LeBron James (ex-star now, we suppose) has signed with the Miami Heat, and the hotties of Spain have won the FIFA World Cup for the very first time, defeating the Netherlands and giving Paul the "Psychic" Octopus a perfect World Cup prediction record!
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