Liza Soberano Holds 'Ask Me Anything' Session On Twitter

Here are some facts we learned from her #AskLiza session.
PHOTO: Twitter/lizasoberano, Instagram/lizasoberano

It started with a tweet from Liza Soberano just a little bit after lunchtime today that said: “Good morning everyone. Im trying to be a bit more active on my social media accounts. I missed you all. #AskLiza?”

Fans then started tweeting out their questions, making the hashtag trend.  They kept it casual and interesting with random questions like, “What’s your favorite BTS lyric?” (The answer is “Peaches and cream, chocolate cheeks and chocolate wings” from "Blood, Sweat, and Tears," btw.)

She also shared what her favorite fruits are, (“Strawberry, mango, and peach”) and posted the first photo on her phone for a fan who asked. Other tidbits that fans found out: She prefers Japanese food over Korean, she likes sushi but not with wasabi, and she does not like pineapples on pizza.

Even Enrique Gil’s sis Andie joined in and asked: “What is your best memory about my family?” 

Liza promptly answered, “I have 2. First was when I was taking a picture of you, Quen and tita Bambi in front of the Eiffel Tower. Second was the moment I saw Quen's smile during his surprise bday party and when he hugged and kissed you and your mom.”

Fans also took this opportunity to ask the Darna star about her diet and fitness routine. It turns out, Liza is on a 1,200 calorie diet composed of mostly protein.

Other random facts we picked up: She's "obsessed" with Janine Gutierrez and would love to work with her, she can "literally sleep" throughout a long haul flight, she's thought about creating a YouTube account but she can't really commit to it just yet, and she, just like the rest of us, can't wait to see Kelsey Merritt slay the VSFS runway.

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As of publication, Liza is still answering questions, so you might want to head over to Twitter and #AskLiza.

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