How Well Do You Know Liza Soberano Based On Her Instagram Posts?

Here's a comprehensive guide to help you get to know Liza better!
PHOTO: Instagram/lizasoberano

There's no doubt that Liza Soberano has become one of the most sought-after and most loved showbiz sweethearts in recent years. No small thanks to her irresistible beauty and unassuming charm, she's a darling we can't get enough of.

The ABS-CBN actress has a loyal online fan base of over 10 million Instagram and Twitter followers combined. And while Liza is preparing for her next highly-anticipated project as the Philippines' favorite superheroine Darna, fans still get a daily dose of the 20-year-old star through her updates via her Instagram account. 

Liza's account, @lizasoberano, has over 8.2 million followers, and like most of us, Liza's Insta feed is a well-curated gallery filled with interesting info on her interests, her current endeavors, her downtime, and even some insider scoops that may not have been reported by the media.

So, what do you really see on Liza's feed? How well do we get to know her by her posts? Here are some known facts we could safely say by scrolling through Liza's Insta account:

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She Has A Lot Of Endorsements

With her Instagram following exceeding the eight million mark (which is a milestone all on its own) Liza's account documents projects that she constantly getsfrom acting to endorsementswhich prove that this beauty works really hard! She's so well loved by brands and consumers that she was recognized as the most popular endorser in 2017. And her feed is a testament to that.

Here she is working it for her clothing endorsement:

Liza makes driving in the city look like a breeze:

And sipping a can of soda earns her thousands of likes:

She also makes timepieces look like a worthy investment:

Even canned goods look fab with her smiling face beside it:

And, of course, beauty tips!

She Loves Her Family And Friends 

Living a life of an A-lister might be a dream for a lot of people but showbiz commitments sometimes get too taxing that time spent with family and friends is compromised. On her posts, Liza makes it a point that she gets to spend time with her loved ones, be it on their family travels or just on random posts of them bonding together. This makes her all the more loveable!

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A quick hang out with the fam before work? Who wouldn't admire this?

Some travel cuteness with the fam, too:

Yep, love team partner Enrique Gil is also super close with her family:

Here she is greeting her not-so-little baby brother, Justin Soberano, a happy birthday:

And she can't help but be a stage ate!

And why not include your girl-kada in your endorsement post?

Her glam team is also considered an extension of her family.

She's A Hardcore Fangirl

Liza is a young woman and she also has her own set of obsessions. And, at times, her star power has given her access to many international stars which made her fangirling dreams come to life.

Who would've thought this soft-spoken actress is also a fan of basketball and of the LA Lakers:

She's never quiet about her girl crush on Kendall Jenner:

She couldn't get over Ariana Grande's dance moves and singing chops:

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The same way she declared allegiance to TeamBreezy when Chris Brown visited Manila:

She also got to meet Selena Gomez backstage:

She also watched Fifth Harmony live in concert:

Remember when she met The Vamps? And then James McVey had to just take a selfie with her…TWICE?!

Here's proof:

Her Couple Pics With Enrique Gil Are Priceless

Our girl Liza also has many cute photos with love team partner and rumored beau Enrique Gil. The two, who've been partnered up since 2013, have gone together everywhere—from tapings to random date nights to overseas travels.

They look good even while doing wacky poses:

Here they are casually inviting fans to their mall tour, looking really cute and adorable:

Here's a victory for all LizQuen fans:

And their random nights together are also super kilig:

And who better to use as an artsy subject but her Quen?

Their travels and their undeniable sweetness are #GOALS:

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They also have the sweetest birthday greetings:

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