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Liza Soberano On The Only Way To Become A Big Star In The PH: 'Be in a love team'

'In this scenario, we're supposed to be real and reel.'
Liza Soberano talks about the love team phenomenon in the Philippines
PHOTO: (left) YouTube/DIVE Studios, instagram/lizasoberano

We all know that Liza Soberano is a huge fan of K-pop and Korean culture. She's been a regular concert attendee and has visited South Korea six times, so when she appeared in the latest episode of GET REAL co-hosted by Ashley Choi and BTOB's Peniel, we knew we had to tune in.  

Peniel and Ashley were curious about Liza's interest in K-pop, so of course she took the time to share her longtime love for her ult group: "I'm very loyal to BTS. They're the only boy group that I like. I love a lot of girl groups: ITZY, MAMAMOONew Jeans..." Fun fact: She's watched the boys perform live at concerts three times!

Apparently, we can look forward to a travel series starring Liza: "I'm here to shoot a travel series." Although it's Korean-produced, the show will be marketed towards the Philippines. So far she's visited Cheongdam-dong and Apgujeong-dong, both neighborhoods in Seoul.


The GET REAL episode (Season 3, episode 35) is titled "Liza Soberano on Spending Money and Managing Stress," but the actress couldn't talk money without bringing up how she started in showbiz. Born in California, she moved to Manila when she was 10 years old and started her modeling career at age 12, which lasted around six months before she transitioned into acting.

Liza also opened up about her decision to sign with James Reid's label Careless, especially since she's currently the only actress in the talent roster. "What attracted me towards Careless is really just the people that work there at Careless. They're all about my age or in that age range, so there's a lot of room for us to get creative together and to explore. Everyone shares the same mindset; we're all risktakers. We're all trying to go beyond our boundaries and 'break' the entertainment industry in the Philippines and expand."

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Signing on to a new label also meant a rebrand, and Liza archived all her old videos prior to posting her new vlog "This is Me.", which surprised a lot of her fans. She got a lot of flak on social media for discussing why she moved labels (plus her career move to Hollywood), with some netizens even calling her an ingrata.

This is Me. | vlog

This led to Liza explaining to the two hosts why she had been laying low on social media for the past few weeks [around the 7:15 mark]. She didn't think it counted as a PR crisis since "nothing bad really happened," but the actress did acknowledge that she was seen as "controversial for a good two weeks."

When she archived all her posts on social media, fans initially thought she was hacked. After a few days had passed, Liza shared a self-written poem called "A flower's dream" that referred to herself.


A flower’s dream

I wonder if flowers dream
Do they dream of having wings
Whispers of their flutter, their escape unseen
Imprisoned in a garden;
desire, its lock and key
A cage is a cage—even with a gilded gleam

Imagine them dancing against the wind
Shedding their petals as they ascend
A journey to the sun, a wish within reach
What a comforting thought this is to me
Dare I dream a flower’s dream

"In the Philippines, there's this huge phenomenon called 'Love Teams'," Liza clarified for her two hosts, giving examples like Brangelina (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie), BinJin (Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin), and Zanessa (Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens). "In this scenario, we're supposed to be real and reel. We're supposed to be a real couple and on and off cam, and we only work with each other throughout our whole careers...People don't want to see you beside any other male actor, or any other male in general."


Liza then goes on to describe how a love team works: It starts with a project where the potential LT (love team) aren't necessarily playing the leading roles, and it's kind of like a chemistry test. If the viewers like the two together, the pair gets their own movie or TV show, and the LT is solidified. This is what happened to LizQuen, her love team with Enrique Gil. Liza was cast as the third wheel to KathNiel (Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla) in their first solo movie, 2013's Must Be Love. Enrique had a cameo role, where Liza's character bumped into him. In October 2014, Liza and Enrique were then given their own series, the prime-time teleserye Forevermore.

The hosts then got curious about real life relationships. "What if you're not dating in real life?" Ashley inquired. "Some love teams don't actually date IRL, but you're not allowed to say that. The thing is, in the beginning of your love team too, you're not allowed to say that you are dating. You want to keep the fans hungry for you guys to actually be helps with the projects, because they're always excited."


"It becomes this whole thing where your career and your personal life, the lines between the two get blurred. And people just...they don't know what reality is..."

"And in the Philippines, the only way to become a big star really (if you're not a singer, if you're an actor) is to be in a love team," Liza continued. "What happens if you get into a love team, and all of a sudden shoot a movie with a different male actor? Does that ever happen?" Peniel wanted to know.

Liza broke it down for him: "The trend before was, once that starts happening, the two members of the love's usually when they're not at the height of their career anymore. You can only go for so long doing projects together, people will get bored eventually. And so to spice things up a bit, they'll pair you with another actor. Before, what would happen when they would do that is the movie or the project wouldn't make that much money or noise. And so they'd be like, 'Ah, it only works when they're in a love team.' But then also, people get bored of the love team. It's kind of been changing up a little bit in the previous years, so I would say it actually is good, but they don't do it until very late in your career."


Obviously concerned, Ashley wanted to know: "What if I'm in a love team with another actor, but I'm dating someone else in real life and I get caught with that person?" Before the host even finished her question, Liza cut in with an alarmed look on her face. "Oh, you can't. You better not. That has happened and it's sad because the fans become so caught up in this kind of illusion that the love team is actually a real-life couple, that when you're seen with another person (even if they are your real-life significant other) they'll think that your real partner is stealing you from your love team. And they create controversies that you're either cheating on your love team, or I don't know, that you're wild and you're going crazy. And sometimes it really affects your career in a negative way."

And sadly, that is true in some cases—celebs have called out their fans in the past for inappropriate shipping behavior when they took things too far. Most recently, Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards have had to set the record straight and deny rumors of their supposed marriage and kid, even if it has been over five years since AlDub went their separate ways.


Liza agreed with Ashley when the host said that the love team situation sounded mentally draining, but she also mentioned that there are love teams that date in real life and are happy together.

Watch Liza's full sit-down interview here:

Liza Soberano on Spending Money and Managing Stress | GET REAL S3 Ep. #35

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