10 Local Celebrity YouTube Channels We Love

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PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/cathygonzaga, (RIGHT) Instagram/krisaquino

Apart from their artista status, these local stars are killing it on the Internet. Here's a rundown of celebrity YouTube channels that deserve your weekend binge-watching.

  1. Alex Gonzaga


    Our favorite funny girl gives us an intimate look into her life with hilarious commentary on her vacation trips, bag raids, and everyday adventures. Plus, we totally love those Toni and Mommy Pinty cameos.

  2. Kris Aquino


    From now on, we are all taking life advice from THE Kris Aquino. Kris proves she is the ultimate showbiz ~*queen*~ as she dishes out real talk on just about anything. Apart from her highly entertaining musings, we can also guarantee you'll be taking home a line or two from this ever-quotable lady.

  3. Andrea Brillantes


    This girl is a superstar and she knows it. Her makeup hacks are on point, her dance videos are fire, and her strong self-love game puts all haters to shame. Follow her on her daily shenanigans as she takes on trending challenges, beauty tutorials, and her impressive musical.ly vids.

  4. Erwan Heussaff


    Food, travel, food, fitness, food, and food. We live for Erwan's yummy gastronomic recommendations, amazing workout journey, and fun travel videos. And did we mention that his hot French accent occasionally comes out when he talks? Très sexy.

  5. Wil Dasovich

    Subscribers: 1,055,806

    Wil Dasovich is all about living life (he recently just beat the Big C!) and he's got the amazing clips to prove it. His picturesque videos along with his fresh insights and beautiful editing set the vlog bar high, making his YouTube channel the ultimate #TravelGoals.

  6. Solenn Heussaff

    Subscribers: 112,917

    The multi-faceted IT Girl shows off her many talents in makeup, art, cooking, and fitness, and we are soaking up every bit of it! Sos also shares funny tidbits of relationships, married life, and her adventures as Wifezilla. And c'mon, we'll make any excuse to get a glimpse of husband Nico Bolzico's abs.

  7. Pokwang


    Pokwang and boyfriend Lee make an entertaining pair on their YouTube channel, which talks mostly about their love for cooking. These two have perfected the recipe of a great relationship because their chemistry goes well beyond the kitchen.

  8. Judy Ann Santos


    This page will leave you drooling with mouth-watering recipes made by the box office queen herself. We especially love it when baby Luna joins in on the kitchen fun!

  9. Xian Lim

    Subscribers: 35,387

    If you're looking for a little kilig, you can listen to Xian's dreamy voice as he serenades you with various musical covers on his page. But if you're looking for major kilig, you can follow his videos with love team partner (and rumored GF) Kim Chiu. We say do both!

  10. Elisse Joson


    We're big fans of any girl who's true to herself. This fresh-faced beauty shares snippets of her life on and off-duty, with skin care tips, behind-the-scenes updates, and Q&A sessions. #NoDrama.

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