Loisa Andalio Shines In Her Pre-Debut Photo Shoot

She's celebrating her 18th with a concert, too!

Rising star Loisa Andalio is turning 18 in just a few weeks (April 21, to be precise), and she's marking the occasion with a concert.

Just last week, Loisa drummed up excitement for the special night by sharing a preview of her pre-debut photo shoot by Nice Print Photography. Clad in a ruffled blush mini dress, Loisa clutched a handful of colorful balloons. Cute!

And now, the full set of photos is out!

Pastel décor aside, there are metallic number balloons no millennial (or Gen Z) birthday bash is ever without.

As well as a dreamy layout that features Loisa reclining in a bed of flowers. She's every inch the princess in her tulle gown, don't you think?

To cap everything off, we have several moody portraits of the actress for that ~*mature*~ vibe. She's close to becoming a woman, after all. ;)

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