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LOL At Photos Of Solenn And Anne + The Bullied Husband's Club

Nico and Erwan have sweet IG posts dedicated to them, though!
PHOTO: Instagram/nicobolzico

Two of our favorite couples—Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico, and Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff—are currently in Portugal to attend a wedding, eat a lot, visit spectacular sights, and watch football games.

Today, June 24, Nico posted on his Instagram account a photo of him and Erwan with their backs turned to each other and holding hands as their wives point their fingers at them, seemingly—and obviously jokingly—scolding the two gentlemen. Nico captioned the shot, “Through good and hard times, always united! #bulliedhusdbandsclub.”

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Nico has also been showing the other ways he and Erwan are bullied on his IG stories.

Here’s a screenshot of a clip of Erwan getting his hair fixed by Anne. In the video, Nico says in the background, “The real reason why Erwan got a haircut.” Erwan then adds, “She’s still complaining.”

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Here’s Nico carrying Solenn’s cute pink handbag and calling the gesture “husband duties.”

But all jokes aside, Solenn and Anne are in love with their husbands and cannot be more proud of them. They posted a photo showing how much they appreciate the loves of their lives.

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Anne wrote on her Instagram post, “My forever favorite date...and finally, favorite haircut.”

Solenn posted this gorgeous photo of her and Nico, and wrote, “I would marry you all over again. And you look sexy in pink, Bebu. A real man right there!”

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Our hearts are melting!