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Lorin Bektas Reacts To Assumptions About Her In Her Latest Vlog: 'I do speak in Tagalog'

On being sosyal, always getting what she wants, and more.
PHOTO: Instagram/loringabriella

Is Lorin Bektas actually mahinhin, super picky, and sosyal? Ruffa Gutierrez's daughter takes to her YouTube channel to react to assumptions about her.

In her latest vlog, Lorin gives netizens a better idea of what she's like. For instance, she confirms that she's not fond of large crowds or places where there are lots of strangers. She also takes a while to warm up to people she's just met, but she's totally extroverted and "super loud." She's also very picky when it comes to food.

Lorin also addresses the assumption that she purely speaks in English. She says it's kind of true because almost all her classmates and teachers are English-speaking. She does have two friends whom she speaks to in Tagalog, which helps since they can understand her Tagalog references.

When she does speak Tagalog, it's in response to someone talking to her in Tagalog, or keeping things secret from people when she's abroad. Also when Ruffa gets mad at her. LOL.

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The 15-year-old reveals that she learned a lot of Tagalog from watching teleseryes like Got To Believe and Darna. "Alam ko po paano mag-Tagalog. Minsan nahihiya lang po ako kasi 'yung accent ko very obvious. Wala kasi akong Tagalog class sa school."

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Spoiled? Not quite. Lorin says all of her phones have been hand-me-downs and she only receives gifts like clothes and shoes on Christmas or when she celebrates her birthday. If she wants to buy things just because, she has to pay for it herself using the money she's earned. 

"I have to buy the clothes myself if it's not a special occasion or special [day]. which has really trained me to not be spoiled. It has really taught me to budget my money, how to decide what's more important to buy, whether things are really worth it or not. So yeah, definitely, I do not always get what I want."

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Watch Lorin react to assumptions about her here: