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WATCH: Lorin And Venice Bektas Imitate Mom Ruffa Gutierrez When She Gets Mad At Them

They do a great impression of her singsong accent!

Lorin and Venice Bektas recently appeared on Magandang Buhay, where they were asked what mom Ruffa Gutierrez is like when she gets mad at them. The sisters imitated her in a good-natured way, copying the beauty queen’s singsong accent. Lorin said, “She’ll be like, ‘I want you to stand in the corner and face the wall.’” Venice added, “‘And think about what you’ve done.’”

“‘Pag nagagalit siya, hindi siya beauty queen,” Lorin said. Venice added, “Yeah, very scary.” Lorin continued, “She’s very emotional, but she’ll always say sorry.” They said that Ruffa usually gets over her anger quickly, which is something they picked up from her.

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Their usual punishment now is a phone ban. They also have to go to their room for about an hour and come out to apologize, and then they can get their phone back. When Ruffa grounds them, they said that she eventually forgets how long they’re supposed to be grounded and Ruffa herself will invite them to go out. LOL!

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