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Lorin Bektas Says She And Sister Venice Have A 'Really Good' Relationship With Dad Yilmaz Bektas

'There has never been a time when our communication stopped.'

In her latest vlog, Lorin Bektas answers fan questions including one of the most requested ones, which is about her and sister Venice’s relationship with their dad. You’ll recall that Yilmaz Bektas and Ruffa Gutierrez got annulled in 2012 after four years of marriage.

Lorin debunks the “common misconception that we don’t have any communication.” She says, “I talk to my dad and there has never been a time when our communication stopped. We call and we text. Not once has my mom ever tried to stop me from talking to him, getting to know him, or reaching out.”

She continues, “Venice and I have a really good relationship with our dad. It’s not the textbook relationship of a daughter and a dad, and I’m sure a lot of people from the outside looking in would say it’s not a perfect or good relationship. But for me, under the circumstances, I think it’s a pretty good, perfect relationship with my dad.”

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