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The Internet Is Defending Housemate Lou Yanong For *Those* Kisses On 'Pinoy Big Brother'

PHOTO: Twitter/JulianMauricio

Lou Yanong, who's currently part of the reality show Pinoy Big Brotherwas recently called out by audiences after some scenes with fellow housemate Andre Brouillette, who's originally from Hawaii. 

Here's what happened: During their all-adult swimming/drinking party for the show, Lou and Andre shared several kisses while they were under the influence of alcohol. The kisses happened at the Big Brother house's garden and while they were in the pool. Another housemate, Mary Grace Lagos, seeing that the situation might get out of hand, eventually put a stop to it.  


Prior to this moment, Lou and Andre had already admitted their mutual feelings for each other and even have a ship name: "LouDre."

You can watch the ~controversial~ scene here: 

Soon after, Lou and Andre talked about what happened, with Andre saying that he didn't remember much of it. Andre said, "I just want to say sorry. I'm sorry for going out of hand with it, it was too much. You're okay [right]? Not uncomfortable or anything?" 

Both Andre and Lou apologized to each other, to the audience, and to their fellow housemates for the "incident" and for having too much to drink. 

The scenes gained backlash online, with people ~freaking out~ because the two shared "passionate" kisses on national TV. They also pointed out that the two housemates weren't officialy "in a relationship" yet and that "everything happened too fast." People were especially shocked because Lou had a "dalagang Pilipina" reputation prior to the swimming party. 

As a response, people took to social media, especially Twitter, to defend Andre and Lou. Here's what they're saying:   

1. A lot of more explicit scenes have happened inside Big Brother houses from other countries. 

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2. Lou and Andre are of age and are already adults (they're both 21 years old). 

3. Why are people okay with sex scenes and kissing scenes from actors in films, but not when the real thing is shown in a program like PBB


4. If Lou's family and friends are okay with it, why are people so affected? 

During an interview for the show with Lou's sister Nikki Yanong, her best friend Jach Manere responded to a comment, "Yes, it wasn't the right place... But for me yung issue nila na hindi pa sila [boyfriend and girlfriend], si Snow White nga nakipaghalikan nang hindi pa sila, e. What's your point?"

5. It all boils down to this: Whatever the situation, no female deserves to be slut-shamed. 


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