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10 Love Lessons We Learned From 'How To Be Yours'

'Pag babe time, babe time.
PHOTO: Instagram/beaalonzo

How to Be Yours, the Bea Alonzo-Gerald Anderson starrer directed by Dan Villegas, has been racking up box office figures since it hit theaters on July 27, and it’s easy to see why: Not only are the former real-life lovers absolutely beautiful, they’re absolutely beautiful together, their onscreen chemistry spiking off the charts in the trailer alone.

But anyone who came to the cinema to see how the ex-sweethearts would play off each other on the big screen got more than they bargained for. Bea and Gerald turned into Anj, a self-taught cook who dreams of being a legit chef, and Niño, a salesman who aims to build a secure life with the one he loves—relatable everymen who will make you laugh and cry along with them because they are just like us, living in messy apartments, sharing embarrassing fart stories, and struggling to cope with the demands of love and career.

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Below, the wealth of relationship wisdom we picked up from How to Be Yours. Spoilers ahead, so go catch it ASAP while it’s still showing in cinemas!

1. It is a friend’s unspoken duty to be your wingman.

If Niño’s and Anj’s friends hadn’t engineered things such that the two ended up together that first night at the bar, none of their love story would have happened at all. FRIENDS ARE AWESOME.

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2. Laughter is essential in a relationship.

Early on, Niño and Anj form an easy bond because they goof around a lot and often hang out with friends. It won’t always be tawanan and kulitan in a relationship, so it helps to have a store of light moments to balance out the dark times that are sure to come.

3. The most mundane things are kilig fests when you’re in love.

Like Niño and Anj’s loved-up grocery trips, kitchen experiments, and food-tasting excursions, the most ordinary errands present a whole new level of joy when you do them with the one you love. Piles of weekend laundry? You got this, as long as babe’s around.

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4. Parinig posts on social media actually work!

"Kung sino man ang magdadala ng kape sa akin ngayong gabi, mamahalin ko forever," Anj tweets one night, and voila! Niño shows up at her gate like a knight in shining armor bearing two cups of coffee. Of course, it’s imperative for the intended target of your parinig post to actually like you for this maneuver to deliver results.

5. The best lovers are also the best cheerleaders.

From the time she questioned her skills in the kitchen to the time she walked out on her boss at the restaurant, Niño was Anj’s numero uno supporter, encouraging her through her insecurities and assuring her through her doubts—as any boyfriend worth his salt should. Any boyf who can’t be the supportive Niño to your struggling Anj can go take a hike.

6. Love can change your priorities. 

According to Anj, there are only two types of people in the world: Choice A and Choice B. She explains, “Choice A, eto 'yung mga taong mas pipiliin 'yung love over career. ‘Yung Choice B naman, career over love." Niño, who initially identifies as Choice B, does a complete one-eighty when his love for Anj turns him into a caring, giving super-boyfriend willing to sacrifice his own career for the good of his relationship. 

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7. ‘Pag babe time, babe time.

Niño utters this priceless one-liner when he complains about never getting to spend QT with Anj anymore due to her demanding restaurant job. No matter how hectic work gets, you should still make time for your S.O., because once constant neglect breeds growing resentment, it’s a slippery slope to a breakup. (That said, we can’t wait to bust this line out to boyfriends who care more about DoTA than date nights.)

8. It’s important to have shared goals for a relationship to last.

"Pangarap ko? Pangarap ko lang? Niño, akala ko pangarap natin," Anj weeps in a particularly painful scene in which she’s forced to choose between a two-year stint in Paris for work and staying with Niño in the Philippines. When major life changes that have the potential to destroy your relationship present themselves, you have to evaluate what each other’s goals are, and if they don’t match, what sacrifices you’re willing to make.

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9. You can be both Choice A and Choice B, but you have to work at it.

It won’t be easy, but it’s doable, as Anj learns from her boss and mentor, Chef Pocholo (Bernard Palanca). As long as you have the grit and dedication, you can power through to the top of the career ladder while keeping your partner completely happy.

10. Never underestimate the power of the inside joke.

In the event of a breakup, let’s just say it could be just the thing to get the kilig going once again.