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Lovi Poe Made The Best Joke About Being Single

She's all kinds of awesome.

Lovi Poe is currently on vacay mode in Rome now that she’s over and done with her soap Beautiful Strangers. But we’re guessing that’s not the only thing she’s over and done with…

Amidst the breakup rumors with co-star and longtime boyfie Rocco Nacino, here’s Lovi kinda confirming her current relationship status. We present you Lovi Poe and her amazing self-deprecating humor through her IG posts:

Exhibit A. The bitter vlogger

Here’s how Lovi reacts when she sees a couple perfectly in love:

Eh ‘di sila na ang may love life. Sila na! Sila na may love life. Eh ‘di kayo na. Ang saya-saya niyo!”

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Exhibit B. The third wheel

Still featuring the same couple (LOLZ), Lovi photobombs their lovey-dovey exchange and sums it up with a loaded caption: “Sums up my love life. I'm obviously the girl on the right.”

God, you are wonderful, Lovi. 

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