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Lucy Torres’ Paris Stories About Juliana And Richard Gomez Will Make You Feel All Warm And Fuzzy

We can’t get enough of her throwback photos and beautiful words.

When it comes to Lucy Torres’ feed, Instagram stories take on a different meaning. Her photos are accompanied by stories that range from nostalgic to funny to sassy—always beautifully written. In her latest post, the actress, writer, and mom of Juliana Gomez shares a memory from their time in Paris for Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho’s wedding in 2017.

“She has been squatting in our room from the time she was born, our little best friend and forever third wheel, now all of 18. Here she is with her Dad, getting all dolled up for a wedding we were all going to attend, in our hotel room in Paris. They are two peas in a pod, each other’s best friend through and through, except I think when it comes to crushes and boys (and that is when [I] step in).”

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In a post from an undated Paris trip, she writes about a “misty morning” with Juliana on the balcony of their room. “I was in my happy orange sweater, the concierge had just sent up a bottle of champagne and a hand-written note, and my 18-year-old finished the remnants of a roll of film on me, my hair still damp from the shower."

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In another post, she waxes nostalgic about a dreary day in Paris spent poring over a friend’s words and song. “It makes me look wistfully at my 18-year-old Juliana who is across me in the adjoining room on another bed, reading a book. I feel weepy—young and old and very old but still so young, back and forth, all in one sweep.”

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Don’t her words feel like an extra warm hug? We can’t wait for the next story time!

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