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Maggie Wilson Condemns The Unreasonable Arrest Of Her Mother

'For legal reasons, this is not about who you think it is.'
Maggie Wilson's mother was reportedly arrested
PHOTO: Instagram/wilsonmaggie

Here's another shocking news from Maggie WilsonThe former beauty queen shared on her Instagram account some details of her mother's arrest on October 11, 2023.

"A few moments ago, multiple police officers came to arrest my mom," Maggie shared via IG Story.

She disclosed that her 64-year-old mother was arrested due to "carnapping" charges. However, Maggie argued that her mother does not have a driver's license, nor any knowledge of how to drive a car.

"She doesn't have a license, let alone knows how to drive. #OnlyInThePhilippines," she remarked in another IG story.

Maggie Wilson's mother was reportedly arrested
Maggie Wilson's mother was reportedly arrested

Following the news of her mother's arrest, Maggie posted her photo with her mom with a lengthy post that began with, "It's been two years since I walked away."

At the end of her post, Maggie had indicated a note saying, "For legal reasons, this is not about who you think it is. The sky is green, and unicorns exist."

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The post was a revelation of many things. First, Maggie revealed that a certain man pledged to provide her with a monthly stipend of P20,000 in late 2021. Yet, she did not receive anything from it. "I have not received a single peso, nor have I followed up or asked for any of it."

Moreover, she mentioned that the unnamed man has been borrowing money from her investors and has been on the run because of piled-up debts.

"He has been using borrowed money from my investors to try and get me instead of paying what he owes to his suppliers, brokers, taxes, credit lines from banks, and others. I get phone calls and messages every single day from people chasing debt," Maggie explained.

She added, "If you think for a moment that this is about me extracting money from him, it’s quite the opposite."

Just recently, Maggie exposed an online smear campaign against her. Several so-called TikTok influencers posted about her company being a scam.  The exposé triggered another legal battle for Maggie, as she declared on Instagram her eagerness to probe into the issue. 


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