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It’s Official: Maine Mendoza And Arjo Atayde Are Exclusively Dating!

Arjo to their bashers: ‘Try it in front of me. I dare you, guys. I dare you.’

Arjo Atayde has finally confirmed that he’s exclusively dating Maine Mendoza, following months of dating rumors involving the two. “I’m at my happiest right now,” he said in a press interview for his new movie, ‘TOL. “She makes me laugh all the time.” 

The actor was tight-lipped about the details of their relationship, but he had a lot to say about the online bashing directed at them and his family.

“To insult me is fine. I’m a very passive person. But to insult my family or Maine—sabi ko nga sa social media, I let it go, wala akong kalaban diyan, e. But do it in front of me, I’m sure I’m going to hit the hell out of you,” says Arjo. “I despise disrespectful people. For my family to get affected, for Maine to be disrespected, that’s not okay with me. But in front of me, try it. I dare you, guys. I dare you.”


Arjo says he stops reading online comments the second he realizes they’re from bashers. “Don’t keep talking with troll accounts and stuff ‘cause it ain’t gonna work for me. I cannot fight back against nameless, faceless people. It’s a waste of time.” He adds, “The moment they start messaging personally, that’s already cyber bullying. I think that’s already serious because for you to have the guts to talk shit about someone online, that’s already… wow. Just wow." 

He adds, “Honestly I’m trying to understand where you’re coming from… But it’s not going to affect us, we’re not going to shut anything down just because of you guys.”

Asked if he’s open to working with Alden Richards, Maine’s love team partner, he says, “I’m open to working with anyone; wala akong pinipiling artista.”

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